Numark PTO1: Portable Turntable With Built-In Crossfader

Portablism is making waves, with more DJs delivering scratch routines in the wild. While some companies have already created equipment that has been co-opted by the portablism movement, there hasn’t been very much gear made just for this audience – until now. Introducing the PTO1 Scratch turntable from Numark. The new turntable is the only all-in-one solution featuring a mini-speaker and crossfader built-in.

  • Product: PT01 Scratch
  • Manufacturer: Numark
  • Price: $129
  • Availability: Later this year

The PT01 Scratch is a revamp of the now-discontinued PT01 Turntable that was marketed as a turntable for vinyl enthusiasts to “find those hidden gems and lost classics in any record store [… with] your own private listening station.” This updated model takes a different direction and is made specifically for scratch DJs.

The unit features a built-in crossfader switch aka the Adjustable Scratch Switch™ which is said to perform longer than ordinary faders, and is replaceable. The Adjustable Scratch Switch can also be positioned for either right-handed or left-handed scratching styles. The turntable can be set to 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM and has a built-in cartridge.


For audio, DJs can easily connect their phone or any audio source with a 1/8″ stereo connection to scratch to the beat. However, the PT01 Scratch can also connect to standard DJ equipment using RCA outputs. A headphone output is available in 1/4” or 1/8” connections for private listening.

The PT01 Scratch runs on six AA batteries and can also be plugged into an outlet via the included AC adapter. DJs also have the option of connecting the turntable to a laptop via USB to record vinyl digitally. It is unclear whether this records the input from the needle or the overall master channel.

This turntable is poised to be an affordable investment into portablism DJ culture. Given the simplicity, this could be a nice piece of gear to bring on the road for some fun, care-free scratching without the complexity of setting up standard DJ gear.

The PT01 Scratch will be released later this year at a suggested retail price of $129. 

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