Pioneer RMX-1000 Announced: New Remix/Sampling Device

Pioneer has announced the Remix Station RMX-1000, a brand new external effects device designed to act as a live remixing and sampling unit in a DJ setup. Three’s no doubt that Pioneer has seen the success of software-based effects controllers like the Kontrol X1 and seen an opportunity to make a standalone unit that fits into the modern DJ workflow. Is it ready for primetime, and will the price match the feature set? Read on to find out and watch the star-studded promo video.


Manufacturer: Pioneer
$999 MSRP  | $799 in the DJTT Webstore
Release Date:
June 2012
Key Feature:
Four distinct effects sections allow for diverse high-value effects
What’s Missing:
Multiple inputs would make the unit more powerful -especially when not using a mixer with effects send/return

Four Sections of Effects Control

Scene FX: These effects are designed to create buildups and breakdowns, and are controlled by the knob in the circle selector on the right side of the unit. Build up effects, which add sounds to the mix, include Band Pass Filter Echo, Echo, Noise, Spiral Up, and Reverb Up. Break down effects, which cut sounds apart and remove elements, include High Pass Filter Echo, Low Pass Filter Echo, Crush Echo, Spiral Down and Reverb Down.

Release FX: These effects are used to either eliminate the playing music and leave just the output of the FX on the RMX-1000, or it can be used in reverse, eliminating the effects and letting the track carry on. This behavior can be triggered in three different ways: echoing, vinyl break, or backspin.

Isolate FX: If you’re not DJing with an isolator mixer, this section will allow you to emulate that effect. In addition to isolation, there are three effects that can be applied to an isolated band, meaning you can affect just the highs, mids, or lows of the playing track. The effects are Cut/Add, Trans/Roll, and Gate/Drive.

X-Pad FX: This is the section used for adding/playing samples on top of the playing mix. The samples are triggered with the touchpad, and while Pioneer includes simple Kick/Snare/Clap/Highhat, you can load your own samples with a SD card (see below photo).

Remixbox Software  + VST and Controller Functionality

Similar to the way that other high-end Pioneer gear can save a users settings to a SD card, the RMX-1000 offers the same custom user profiles that can be set up using the included Remixbox software. Just get it dialed to how you like, and then bring your SD card with settings to the club!

Pioneer has also developed a VST that they promise will allow users to emulate the effects of the RMX-1000 that will be included, and the unit can also be used as a USB controller for that same VST.

Tech Specs

Inputs: RCA x 1 and Phono (1/4”) x 1
Outputs:  RCA x 1 and Phono (1/4”) x 1
Data Port: USB-B port x 1
Sampling rate: 48 kHz
External dimensions: 13.14” (W) x 6.18” (D) x 2.24” (H)
Weight: 2.86 lbs

Final Thoughts

We’re pretty sure that the RMX-1000 is going to be a hit among high-end effects DJs like the ones shown in the promo video, but with a price point of $999, it’s not exactly gear that most mid-range clubs and small DJs will be able to add to their setups without doing a bit of saving. Pioneer does offer some of the best external standalone FX in the DJ world on their high-end mixers and the now old-hat EFX-1000, so we do expect that the unit will be incredibly fun to use.

As always, we’re interested to hear if you all think that the new Pioneer controller is going to be worth the price. Let us know in the comments below! 




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  • TyDee

    I am a laptop DJ (Traktor) and I love my RMX…until you’ve had a go of one, you shouldn’t knock it…

  • Gindu

    Why does every single story have to turn into a fucking debate between laptop DJing and traditional hardware DJing. Why don’t you people get off the internet and go mix and have some fun. This is coming from a guy that does both forms of mixing. Each form of DJing has it’s pros and cons.


  • Petter Hofstad

    They sell for around 800$, and I just bought one O:-)

  • Rey2spins

    Ya I agree to pricey,but it’s pioneer so I know it’s going to kick ass.

    Dj 2twelve Tampa fl.

  • Adama Oumar Sy

    I hope denon will release something because they alway get the price right, look at the new sc3900, a pure dj deck still same price as the dns3700.

    Denon is awesome hope they will make us a processor one day

  • djnvasion

    See all companies get together with there marketing team and ask one of the most important questions when making a product, How much would one pay for this item.  If they over price it then they loose money but if they under price it their profit margin narrows.  But you will think most companies would choose a more happy medium but that is not the case for most companies.  They make sure that the price they choose is the highest point just below there consensus and research shows where they will loose money if above a certain price point.  So we as consumers need to be more efficient with how we pay for things if we want future equipment to be more reasonably priced by making sure that we get it for what its worth.  I saved 400$ after taxes on my 900 nexus, would I have paid full price?  No not worth 2000$, To be honest I don’t think any mixer is worth that much unless you can video mix with it. 

     Now if you where to ask me is the 900 nexus in general a good mixer I would say it is the best mixer you can get to date hands down still not worth 2000$.  The RMX 1000 in my opinion would have been worth the 800$ retail if it had some extra on board effects to make the heavy effects djs happy, Give it a digital sound quality upgrade to match the 900 nexus and djm 2000 for us pro djs who want the best sound quality possible and also since one of the biggest selling points for RMX 1000 is that it samples it should of been a no brainer to allow the user to sample in real time on the fly which for some reason you can not do which is puzzling to me.  I am getting the RMX 1000 since I am fortunate to get it for a price which saves me 200$ compared to retail after taxes and to me that is worth it for what the RMX 1000 can do.     

  • djnvasion

    As for the Rmx 1000 it is not worth the retail price, but it is worth it if you are fortunate to buy it for a couple of hundred dollars cheaper after taxes.  Why, because it does not allow the user to sample on the fly, Also this item is promoted to be used as a send and return connection so you lose your on board beat effects when you are using the rmx 1000.  So in my opinion for that price they should’ve added some more effects like some of the efx 1000/500 effects such as the voice coder and grain shifters and other unique effects that djs could combine that would’ve made the product a no brainer for the heavy effects djs out there.  

    As for my self I own the 900 nexus which by the way I did not pay full price got it a few hundred cheaper after taxes which is worth it in my opinion but the mixer has the highest digital sound quality compared to the rmx which is in the middle end as far as the specs are concerned.  I am sure maybe we won’t see a big difference in sound quality but if Pioneer sold me on the fact that the djm 900 nexus sounds better than the djm 800 (which it does by the way)  then why would I pay 800 plus dollars on an item that would essentially loose some sound quality when using the rmx 1000.  In my opinion they should’ve of made the rmx 1000 have the same sound quality as the djm 2000, djm 900 nexus and even the efx 1000 if they wanted people like myself to pay retail price.       

  • Nvasion1

    As a pro dj who has been spinning since I was 14 years of age now 29 I have had the opportunity to mix with just vinyl to just cdjs also having had the opportunity to use other djs serato and traktor softwares to mix with.  I also had the chance to mix with professional radio djs to dj/producers.  I have to say from my experience as a dj spinning on a laptop is just way more convenient than another other source as it takes a lot less skill.  I have seen New york, Chicago and Detroit radio djs spin live on only cds and they don’t sound as good compared to when they use there laptops.  I also seen rookie djs spinning with the help of a laptop and they sound very good considering that they just started out but on cdjs alone they are a train wreck.  

    Software was invented because many turntablists wanted to stay with vinyl because it is a lot easier to scratch with as it gives you more room to catch the sound of the record vs cdjs.  I personally don’t care what you use to dj as long as you rock the crowd, for the most part the crowd won’t care either as long as you rock it out.  Most of us on here are djs/producers and we cannot look past the fact that a dj who spins only on vinyl or only on cds without a laptop and rocks it has more skill than a dj who does the same with a laptop. 

  • drno

    Great.  Now everything is going to sound like dubstep.  DJ technology is going backwards.

  • Djbryanboogie

    i think they put some thought in the design and workflow. theres nothing quite like stand alone gear. its a treat to use…. ur ears without looking at a screen. but… i think the coolest thing is that it allows you to record that cool trick u accidentally figured out at ur gig…. as editable automation in your studio. im assuming you have both… giggs and a studio. its funny…. why does everyone here hate on eachother?

  • Olmssjimmy shabahaba

    Hey i use a laptop while i dj and honestly i have nomissues with my set…regardless of what anyone says, having a laptop as a dj now a days is the new thing…i dont have a sync button…i use it because its alor easier to haul around my music…i use pioneer cdj 900’s…before that the cdj 800’s…before that the cdj 200’s and before the that the cdj 100’s…i use the rane 68 mixer only because i use scratch live…now last i checked scratch live doesent have a sync option lol…but besides that…my mixer has a bunch of effects built in, plus serato has a sample option on there called the sp-6…but to have a nice piece like that on stage while spinning is awesome…it takes ur set to the next level…my setup is worth over 6 grand just with my cdjs and mixer…that doesent make me a fake laptop dj, it makes me someone smart enough not to carry around cds and record crates that could get damaged lol….im going out tomorrow to buy this, its awesome and i can do alot with it especially since i have serato and abelton

  • I respect beatmatching

    You know, this RMX-1000 has a lot of potential for real DJ’s.

    I’ll get a lot of hate for this, but I have no respect for guys saying that a computer can do the same thing. The RMX-1000 is a piece of hardware that let’s you do that thing, not the computer! Seriously, a lot of people who consider theirselves DJs can’t even beatmatch properly and I’m sick of this crap.
    I do not consider myself to be a professional DJ. It is my hobby. I know how to beatmatch, I know how to build up my set and people like it, they like it a lot. Many of you will do that exact same thing, but seriously, when all you ever do is make music with your computer in the same way many people can do it with CDJs/vinyl then get out.
    I only approve of serato/traktor if you’re able to bring your set to the next level. Really fast transitions, lots of well-integrated samples, …
    This RMX-1000 is able to be used as a sample deck and hence “steales the sample deck feature from Traktor” as some of you say. But you don’t seem to understand that DJs who don’t want to depend on a laptop want such things aswell.

    Computers are NOT the future of DJing.
    DJ is short for Disc-Jockey. You can’t jockey discs with your controller, you jockey plastic.

  • VIAJ3

    All right I can understand the hate but here’s my scenario. I am a poor person in terms of $ because I own 2 CDJ 2Ks + 1 DJM 2K + monitors + case for those babies, and some other stuff while being a poor graduate student. But I am a rich person in the sense that this shit makes me extremely happy. Thus, I am afraid I might’ve fallen for the rmx-1000 even if it means being poorer. 

    Thus, seeing this makes me want to add it up to my gear. I can see myself using this + all the shit in my DJM-2000, particularly for buildups. 

    What do you guys think? Would you think adding this to any pre-existing 2CDJ 2K + DJM900/DJM2000 set up would be overkill? I am curious to see what you guys think. I think not, because of sampling capabilities and other effects/flexibility that my DJM 2K lacks. 

    And the most important thing is that setups like this do not need a computer. Someone already said it in this thread, but this stuff is foolproof; computers DO fail eventually. 

    All right. Let me know your opinion.

  • Escapemcp

    Love the unit… hate the name on it… or rather the amount of extra $£€ you have to pay just for the name.  All Pioneer gear is the same – £1500 (~$2000??) for a CD player WTF?!

  • mister zero

    I do think that the price point is a little high, but I also thought that about the EFX-1000. I doubt I’ll be able to purchase this for my setup any time soon but damn would I love those isolators (I’m sure they are no match for a true analogue one though but still…).

  • Theredcow

    I play CDJS+CDS… this is going to be great.

  • Genezix

    Guys, WTF, seriously.  It doesn’t matter WHAT equipment you have.  If your mix sounds good and your crowd is happy then enjoy and stop worrying about this brand or that brand or this kit or that kit.  Yes, quality matters but putting down others for what gear they have makes you look like you’re back in middle school again.  If you’re looking to go pro, yes, buy pro level gear, but many DJs (whether they’re pro or not) could do with an attitude adjustment.  Life isn’t perfect.  Not everyone is going to agree.  Some people like CDJs, some vinyl, some Traktor, some Serato, some controllers.  Get over it.  It’s not a reason to sledgehammer people.

  • English

    Have you deleted the comment I left on here last night?

  • Tim


  • Meatsterx

    OMG porter robinson is using it. I HAVE to have one and i dont even know what I’ll use it for! Thankyou marketing. Hahahahaa

  • jonl

    Useless. My midi controller already has buttons that control the things that this does by itself. This is just extra bloat that I would have to carry around that does the same shit that I already do with my kit as it is. 

  • DJ Mr cool

    Wait for thr competition to react to the larger market…..

  • English

    You fuckers can’t resist a stupid bitching contest can you?! From the US I take it? Yeah, loud mouthed ‘I’m the fucking dog’ type! Shut the fuck up! 2012 dumb shits! Can’t people choose what they want to play and how they play it?! In a recent meet up with Pete Tong, Zabiela talked about his kit etc, but also said how great he though Chris Liebing’s kit was. For those that don’t know he uses 2x MacBook pro’s running Ableton, Traktor & Maschine, A&H mixer, 2x x1 controllers & another from Firefox. I’d like to see how many of you vinyl & cd ‘experts’ could jump straight on & bowl the world over with your greatness, not fucking many! Like everything it takes time & effort! Pressing sync is only half of it!! For those of you that just want to let your music speak then play records, cd’s or off USB. Those that want to break everything down and come up with something a bit different using loops & warped/gridded samples then go ahead, but for the love of god can we stop the bitching on what’s the best way to DJ!!

  • Blah

    You guys are funny. EVERY time a Pioneer product gets reviewed almost everyone talks shit but when a similar product by NI gets reviewed it gets huge praise. Get your eyes off your Apple computer screens running Tracktor, learn to beatmatch and start getting some real gigs. 

  • Guest

    yesteryear’s software, now in a box with a pioneer logo (that looks like one of their car stereo head units). The rmx-2000 will have an led screen on it, the 3000 a colour. Watch the hysteria…

  • grillo

    I kinda like the idea of this, now we just need some guys to rebuild the fx chain as a live rack, map it to 4 knobs and we’re in business

  • Sebastian Wild

    I have to say I’m kinda surprised why people are bitching about the price so much? Even up till last year the EFX1000 was still floating round with a price tag of about $799USD new – this is clearly the successor and has entered at the same price point. Not really that strange is it? Marketing f*cked up mind you, I think the brand loyalty for this product still lies with those of us ready to upgrade of original EFX units, more would sell if this thing was marketed as the EFX-2000 with RMX capabilities.

    By the looks of it, this is going to be waaay more portable than the original EFX-1000. I look forward to chucking this in my record bag along with my X1, rolling up to a club and pluging it in 5 minutes before I play. The original EFX was a bitch to find space for in many booths – this looks far more portable and like you could easily get a stand to put it behind the mixer with out having a mare before your set.

    I’m actually getting really over turning up and pluging in all my Traktor sh*t. This is pushing me back into being a Pioneer purest again. They make stuff that just works 100% of the time. So much can go wrong with being a laptop DJ – I’m fed up with it. I’ve had two Audio 8’s fail on me in the past few years. I played a Gods Kitchen a few years back and was the main guest for the second trance room, some c*nt knocked the phono/line switch on the sound card, I lost all control (aside from the “play” function) – couldn’t for the life of me figure it out on the night. Needless to say it never happened again, but had it not been this any number of other things can always go wrong.

    Essentially, you add a laptop to the mix, you add more sh*t between your music source and the main out, more sh*t can go wrong. Pioneer make gear that is based in hardware, and it always works. No doubts, no software glitches, no timecode faults, sh*t just works.

    Gets my vote. 

  • Derrick Rage

    Doesn’t anyone have a brain here? IT’S ****MSRP**** ALSO THE PRODUCT ISN’T SCHEDULED TO RELEASE UNTIL JUNE YOU FOOLS! Pioneer put out a huge price tag because it knew suckers like yourselves would sit here and complain about the freakin price that way they know what price to sell it at so that people WOULD ACTUALLY BUY THEM!!!!! If you had any common sense, (I am talking to you reader who sits and complains about the price) you would know that they are not going to sell it at a grand. They post a large number and a release date for a reason so that way they can get feedback so they can GET THERE SHIT STRAIGHT!!!! I like Pioneer… regardless if theres better products or there prices are way to high i simply like them and the fact that the majority of clubs all have Pioneer equipment makes it simple, SIMPLE just like the new laptop programs that came out to make it easy so you don’t have to carry a ton of vinyl around or a huge CD book. Wow DJ’s we are the heartbeat of the Party which takes balls to stand in front of hundreds or thousands and rock the shit out of the place, not a bunch of whiny ass bitches who complain about a pricetag. Step your game up and maybe you will start getting paid more so you can afford stuff like this and it wont hurt your pockets. 

  • Johnson

    hey guy im a newb how will you connect this to your mixer or cdjs? do you need the laptop to use it with your setup or can you just plug it into the mixer?

  • Anonymous

    I have to say Ean Golden is a damn good laptop DJ. Just saying

  • Djskratchworx08

    the price ain’t right…seems only for the pro’s…just gotta wait for that F1 Kontrol and Traktor 2.5 update…and oh BTW..Pioneer..if yu haven’t had the chance, check out the MIDI FIGHTER 3D…and you might say to yourselves…”why didn’t we thought about that?” hehehe!…
    plcae that head to head on a store, then let’s see who gets the SELL OUT!


    its 799.00 not 1k … google is your friend 🙂

  • 303bassline

    awesome car stereo

  • Johnny Holmes

    In today’s climate I think the price tag is a bit steep considering what it would probably cost to produce the unit. The Old hat efx can be picked up now for as little as €300 on ebay now and is still a fantastic unit. But having payed full price for one a few years back id be careful before paying out as much for another. I own the full 2000 set up and would see this unit as a nice edition but would like the price to be a bit more realistic!

  • Don Stone

    they all looked scared using it, except for Zabiela

  • D3RKIN

    This would make a great door stop.

    • Kick. Bass. Bounce.

      I prefer my doorstops to at least be made of metal 😀

  • Dielekt

    Does this replace the EFX-1000?

  • Etienneloponte

    Is judt awesome! And the best part is that u can use it as a vst! It is perfect for my live with ableton!!!

  • Bookoxmighty

    I wouldnt spend my money on it. Pioneer is way behind . they are still making the same cd deck with mediocre software. They need to think about upholding their standard by bringing out something that hasnt been done already. They are just doing what everyone else is trying to play catch up. Very lame on their behalf, They cant get my money 

  • Rotem Ayalon

    RMX-100 is irrelevant. 
    Speaking as a pro DJ who makes his living out of playing music.
    I can afford this – but you can already do everything this unit does with the current Traktor version and the sample decks. next

  • James 'Pioneer' Burkill

    I am a 10 year veteran DJ i used vinyl to CDJ to midi you are a fool to waste money on what is essentially a hardware equivalent to ableton if software is so shit then why is the music we love so much produced in software??? i work with doorly years ago and know him quite well, he is just a pioneer hardware slut and will never change. But you are limited buy the functions its has where software your not and for the most part every time you put in a cd in a cdj and press play what the hell do you think your using, a cd player? NO! software you fools, the firmware in the cdj’s is software so for all you fools out there that say your not real dj’s cuz you use software just think what powers the CDJ’s it ain’t magic…  

    • Kick. Bass. Bounce.

      Dang, I thought CDJs were powered by unicorns…. 🙁

  • Dennis Valcke

    I’m not into this new way of djing, because I don’t understand it, maybe I’m told old already :-). This way of djing is not that new it’s already around a few years but more and more people are doing it (or are trying to do it). Using samples, loops, cutting up songs, remixing on the fly, using effects, … and they call it music :-). Don’t know how I should call it, definite not music or songs, more something like sound collage. People are showing their techniques. They are not showing their love for the music, they are not telling a story, there is no feeling or groove, … . Hardware is processing data into sound because somebody is doing a lot of movements. People are standing around looking at it (also drinking, dealing or doing drugs, … ) but not a lot of people are dancing :-). I am still playing the same way as 20 years ago, 2 turntables and a mixer. Making a smooth transition from one record to another. I learned it and I’m good at it because I was listening and looking at a master (Laurant Garnier), people love it, it makes them happy, they are dancing and they had a great night. I also moved into the future because carrying around a computer is much easier then 2 big bags with vinyl (and there are some other great points about using a computer).

    People are seeing Pioneer as a standard to be or to become the best, with Pioneer all the magic is happening :-). Why is Pioneer a standard because you see it everywhere. Some years ago Pioneer started with this big marketing war, our equipment has to be everywhere. Many well-known clubs, DJ’s, … received it as promo stuff. Pioneer was motivating vendors to promote pioneer above other brands, if they where selling a lot they where getting a lot of benefits. After all these years Pioneer has won the war. For that you have to pay a price when your getting something from pioneer. When I started playing as a DJ it was the same story but with other brands. You will only become a good DJ because you believe in it and you are developing the skills for it not because your playing on some expensive equipment. Sound quality is something else and it comes with a price that is true. To play in your private room you don’t need the quality of a club or festival, if your rich and you want to spend some money no problem for me :-).

    Sometimes you also have to be smart, creativity can sometimes be quite cheap. Maybe you have family, friends, neighbors, … they can help you, build you something, … and then it’s costing you a small something or nothing to become a better DJ instead of paying a lot of money for some fancy gadget.

  • Anal0gK1LLER

    $999 seems about right. If you take top of the range for a full Pioneer setup -2xCDJ2000’s, Nexus 900, HDJ-2000 headphones, Pair of SDJ-08’s, Hi-Spec MacBook pro – Then your already coming in at very close to the $10k mark. Does investing an additional 10% in a top of the range FX unit make sense? I would say yes it does. I do however agree that the build quality seems questionable at this price. Having said that, I would expect top notch components to have been used inside the unit. I’d also be happy to make the investment confident in the knowledge that while the sum of its parts may not in itself justify the price tag, the research and development that went into it probably do. The “Remix” branding suggests that you really will be able to do just that with it. Remix on the fly but with the output having a warm, clean professional studio quality output. It certainly sounds like that in the promo video.

  • Jesus

    Personally, Ean has rocked it harder on a S2. This is for those people who have a hard time letting go of the past *cough* *cough* CDjs… 

  • Jimmy

    I sense a little digital jealousy here, It’s a great video, it looks like an amazing product and your all squirming because it’s bringing CDj’s back into the market. I’m a digital dj atm however  I’ll never loose touch with great gear like this! This product is aimed at competing with controllers it’s giving back something to the world of mixing that you guys so quickly forget about.

  • Blashoe

    Can I also stress one more thing:
    This demo video set sounds like crap- it is not music.  Just  a bunch of rolled up beats and filters.  Where’s the music???!  It’s about the music.  Stop this bullshit EFX gravy train idiocy.  EFX are just a part of a set- not THE set.  Too much EFX will pollute the music.  People will walk off the dancefloors!

    Pioneer,I know you want to sell this crappy EFX unit (which sucks btw for $999), but you are at the back of the line when it comes to breakthrough technology, and you still have the balls to continue to rape your CDJ fanboys with your bullshit Jedi mind control tricks and lousy hardware.  Your controllers still can’t compete with Traktor (NI) or Vestax.  YOU ARE AT THE BACK OF THE LINE.  DON”T YOU GET IT!!!!!

    And I AM NOT A NEWBIE!  I have been in the business for 3 decades and I hate those who judge quality by the $$$$ (the cost of an item).  You are all douche bags.  I know some real talented producers that made albums with a $400 Mackie 1604 console.  Ever heard of Eminem!  He makes more than $3000 a night, and he doesn’t harp about the $$$$ of equipment!  There is such a thing as a BANG FOR A BUCK.  This unit is NEITHER, and you can take that to the bank.

    If you think this unit is great and make $3000 a night at gigs, you are just one lucky bastard, and I would just shut the F**K up cause you don’t know what real quality is for $1000.
    Oh, and I happen to love Allen & Heath mixers.  They are worth the asking price.


  • Big Epoch

    Since when has any piece of gear actually sold for MSRP?

  • Elevations

    Another overpriced mess from Pioneer.  Where’s the EFX jog wheel guys!!!!  They took the best part out. Another fail by Pioneer; whattya expect!

    • Gavin Varitech

       The jog side of the EFX500/1000 is the part no one ever used.

      • Sebastian Wild

        Concur, the colour EFX on the 800 / 900 destroyed the need for the right hand side.

  • Djsabs

    I think pioneer are desperate they have seen how ni have stolen the show with controllers such as the s4, x1 s2 and now ppl cant wait for the f1, i read somebody stated kiddies toys if that were the case why are pioneer trying to breach on the same realms then, laugh i will traktor and its ability to run parallel with ableton with an apc 40 and s4 all in sync priceless pioneer have yet to make a mark with any controller on the market today that doesnt cost the earth. I think there greedy and there controllers suck, i have had a djm800 and cdj 1000s with efx 1000 when they first came out and they sucked i had more fun with the first version of traktor le and a mapped vci.  
      At the end of the day its fair to say that traktor has earnt its spot although they are trying to now immitate ableton with the f1 wrong move but maybe not ableton doesnt bring fastest enough to the fingertips djs now want to manipulate lots in a small amount of time and be able to really twist it up, there looks to be some good features on the pioneer remix but it has efx written all over it and i would be bored of it in a week or less, there will be lots of second handers out there once the mugs have had there go and tried getting there money back for trail of it laugh. good luck!!!!

  • horny2012

    In the spirit of Jason Russell, I just sprayed my invisible children..

  • Johnathon Robert Flores

    Makes me wanna get off ableton and get back to traditional DJing, though my beat matching is probably slagging now XD

  • Jasonmd2020

    Too expensive. Get some cheaper Midi controllers and brush up on your Traktor mapping skills!

  • Faint L.A.

    Pioneer wants to be the Apple of the DJ industry. $1000? Absolute rubbish! I guess the star-studded add raises the value by $500. 

  • Dj Mick

    Price is really high 

  • Outwiththeold

    Hardware trying to keep up with software, not gonna happen pioneer. DJing has naturally been progressing in the direction of computers for awhile now, only a matter of time till all these CDJ fanboys start to see venues replacing their outdated setups. BTW, I started out as a vinyl DJ. I accepted technology, why can’t you?

  • DJ DWalski

    $999 ?!?!?!! Typical pio fairyland idea on pricing. Make a lump worth $300, price it at $999 then everyone will think its better than it really is.

  • Tomii Forsythe

    You have got to be kidding me? So what does this do that something that cost 100 bucks cant?

  • Ben Cryder

    Looks like it could be alot of fun to play with and the sound quality of an external unit *might* be noticeable on a 50,000 watt system, but unless you have one of these specifically on your rider the vast majority of us have better tools available to us for cheaper. Nice layout though.

    I’d also like to mention to some of the people in here claiming Pioneer makes TONS of money that Pio has actually looking to offload its DJ division for a while now…

    • Gavin Varitech

      For a company putting more into R&D than at any time in their history saying they are trying to offload their DJ division is a bit funny.

  • Richiebno1

    Of course it’s $999 make up for the units they give away to clubs and dj’s who really could afford one but wouldn’t buy one otherwise.

  • Brice Sarver

    Most of you have probably never used external effectors or rack-mount effects (i.e. I’m not talking to the token poster who has) have also probably never experimented with high-end mixers with onboard effects, anyway.  They sound GREAT.  As someone who was in the market for an EFX-1000 a couple of years ago, the RMX-1000 will come as the much needed upgrade for a piece of kit that was released in the first half of the 2000s.  It still runs around $800 new, which is what I’m expecting the RMX-1000 MAP will be.

    This thread is full of kiddies complaining about how expensive it is.  I bet most of you would say that there is no way you’d be paying over $2000 for an Allen & Heath mixer or (maybe) a DJM-2000, when the obvious answer is “yes, I would love to have that, but I can’t afford it.”  This isn’t for bedroom digital DJs.

    • sidetrakd

      I totally agree! I for one am totally interested. I had a kp3 and an efx1000 and I’m really interested in what this can do. 
      If I have cash in a couple of months I’ll probably buy it.There are a lot of people here that just don’t understand how great hardware can be.Don’t get me wrong I love what I can get out of traktor but sometimes its just nice to just turn up at a gig, not to set up anything and just play!

    • Brian Foster

      Being poor doesn’t make someone a “kiddie” nor can we all be rich like you might be.  People aren’t stupid.  We know that quality comes at a price.  We also know that when someone says something costs too much, they are saying it costs too much for them.  They’re not necessarily saying that the product sucks.

      PS: There is not way I would pay $2000 for a DJ mixer, bedroom DJ or not.

      • Alexdg

        This is a stupid thing to say, it’s like saying I would never pay $20,000 for a racing bike whether I was an amateur or a professional, OF COURSE YOU WOULD if you were a pro. Same goes for djing..

    • trackdj

      If the people complaining are “kiddies”, then I can easily imagine you being the “tool” that spends a lot of money on units like DJM-2000 and this device because you have a couple of more cents in your pocket, and makes fun of 95% of the DJs out there who are complaining that this unit does not look durable as other units out there or is not competitively priced.
      I can see this unit being purchased by clubs and relatively big DJs out there, but
      1) There is a lot of software competition which is getting better by the day.
      2) There is also a lot of hardware competition which is a lot cheaper than this such as Korg effects units out there. Having used EFX-1000 and most of Korg’s effects units, I can personally tell you that there isn’t a 700 dollar difference between a Pioneer product and a Korg product.

      The landscape is not what it used to be when the EFX-1000 came out, and
      Pioneer will not survive if it does not release products that are
      competitively priced. I understand the CDJs and mixers being expensive but definitely not this…

    • Sebastian Wild

      Concur. I’ve had the EFX1000 for the past 5+ years and used it all my sets, even tour with it when necessary. Hardware EFX units are 10x better than software efx. On top of my 1000 I also use the X1 and Traktors efx, the 1000 is far more intuitive, takes a thrashing and is just generally a solid world class piece of kit. Ask yourself why so many of the big name DJ’s around the world still demand an EFX1000 when they play… Oh cos it’s good.

      If your a pro DJ (which is clearly where this is targeted) price isn’t an issue. If it adds another 10% of benefit to your set for even another $5k, its irrelevant – your a professional and paid to put on the best show you can.

  • Albyrne17

    If 99% of the people here think its too expensive… than its too expensive. I thought it was a very cool unit and likely performs well but the price tag is too much. Based on the quality of the outer casing materials and considering Pioneers brand I assumed 500-700 tops. But my jaw then dropped. This seems overpriced even for Pioneer IMO. They really need to rethink there target market. Its still possible to make quality products thats affordable to the average hometown DJ and pros alike. 

  • Sigh

    Porter Robinson in the same DJ Video as James Zabiela makes me want to quit and throw my shit into the river … DJ’ing just won’t ever be what it was. 

    • Gavin Varitech

       LOL! If that means anything to you then you probably should quit.

  • R3Bonaire

    Yep Pioneer has alway a nice price tag. No matter if we like teh price it will be the club gear again once it has been put in the hands of Zambiella ,Luke and Chucky and others. I use a Roland SP555 and TR Pro and this can do much more…$649 has 2Gb space for recorded WAV samples on the Flash card, in 16 pads on 10 different banks, has D-beam asignable trigger on pads or filter or sine wave synthesiser and a super wide range of effects and a pattern sequencer and on the fly loop recorder. But again aint the club standard but just my choice… 

  • @bartykutz

    all these people complaining about the lack of inputs must have never seen a mixer with an effects loop

    i agree that 999 is a bit steep for what it does, i’m interested in how much it will really sell for, and what it can really do.

    • Gavin Varitech

      Thank you! They must have never seen any effects hardware of any kind or been in a studio either.

  • illstep

    whats the track coming in after porter robinson played? that one sounded wicked. exspecially with the sratching and FX on top.

  • DjOntko

    I am completely blown away by the price, what a waste of time and money. I feel like it must be a joke. Or I guess they are trying to throw things out there to hold on the high end market that they are loosing ground.

  • Dave Ruff

    GET IT OVER IT PEOPLE. Playing music is playing music!!! So stop the insults and what not for products that basically do the same thing as the others.
    This product is a good deal as some doubt it. I was debating wether to buy the djm 900 because i simply enjoyed the spiral effect. Now this came along and this boosts my fun level.
    The price is well…pricey,but when comparing it to the other pioneer dj products, its really not as bad. Granted computers do so much for a less price, but this still is a good weapon to carry around.
    And really the clubbers dont care what you use just as long as you make them dance!

  • Dave Ruff

    GET IT OVER IT PEOPLE. Playing music is playing music!!! So stop the insults and what not for products that basically do the same thing as the others.
    This product is a good deal as some doubt it. I was debating wether to buy the djm 900 because i simply enjoyed the spiral effect. Now this came along and this boosts my fun level.
    The price is well…pricey,but when comparing it to the other pioneer dj products, its really not as bad. Granted computers do so much for a less price, but this still is a good weapon to carry around.
    And really the clubbers dont care what you use just as long as you make them dance!

  • Tombortolotto

    tooo expensive

  • Brian

    What a beautiful unit, but too expensive.  I’ll wait 3 years for a price drop.  I still love the option of adding some hardware to this soft world.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone else wondering why porter robinson was in this video?

    • cokeisdope

       Ahah yeah. He can’t play on CDJs, but does a promo vid for Pioneer 😀

  • Stephen Almada

    pioneer needs to get a grasp on pricing reality. 999$ for that thing….I would rather get an S4 and use traktor’s built in effects that are much more easily accessible using traktor UI.

    But if your oldskool pioneer diehard… (meaning you have sent you equip to pioneer for fixing many times) and you still think pioneer’s gear is amazing, than your used to the 999$ pricetag.

    IMHO pioneer is over rated, and needs to drop all their equip prices to a reasonable area…….NEEDS 2 INS and OUTS……DUA!!! you think you would have learned that from your 1st efx design. this is a 999$ toy that would be better to sell @ bestbuy for your ipod. I dont see it being practical for a dj who uses more than 1 deck to mix.

    the video…..not impressed!! I can do all of that on my S4 without eating up all my main out headroom, being able to control volume on both decks, and effect them individually

    • Gavin Varitech

      1st, How are Traktor’s effects “more accessible” than this? I’ve never seen anything more accessible. And yes, I play on Traktor (timecode with real hardware).

      2nd, I’ve never sent anything back to Pioneer (or anywhere else) for repair. Since I started buying some Pioneer gear many years ago – my first was an EFX500 – I’ve owned: EFX500, EFX1000, CDJ800MK2’s, DJM700, and HDJ2000’s. I sold the EFX500 but everything else I still have and it works/looks like the day it was new. This stuff gets used A LOT, and not just by me as I have been throwing parties for 14 years and this stuff has been used at countless parties in countless environments by countless other deejays.

      3rd, why do you people keep saying these things need multi ins/outs? This makes NO SENSE. Whether you are in the studio or DJ booth effects have one i/o. You use the mixer for bussing or  send/receive. You people must not see it practical for people using more than one deck because you just picked up deejaying in the all-in-one controller world and have no idea how things actually work outside of that world. Outboard effects units only have one i/o, that is all they NEED and that is all they are supposed to have.

      The price is an issue, even though it WILL NOT BE $999 retail, $799 is more likely, but that is too much as well.

  • Erik De Beer

    This is ideal if you are not own a pioneer effect mixer or play a lot in clubs and bars where they not have effect mixers.
    Here in the Netherlands it will be priced at a 699 euro’s wich is 916 dollar. Still overpriced but i will consider buying it instead of the djm 700 that costs 200 euro more and is not so portable.

  • Djmj1

    When is the last time anyone paid MSRP? Suggested RETAIL price?  This will likely hit the streets and MAP around $649-$799

    • Gavin Varitech

       Yep. Pioneer haters are always just looking for anything to bitch and moan about these days. Hey, it IS the internet…

  • JuanSOLO

    For DJ’s moving back into hardware and considering putting up the laptop, this looks interesting, but the price is still stupid high. I’d rather spend 1000 bucks on a couple of moogerfoogers.

  • Ryan Supak

    Good hardware that lasts costs money. There’s no way around this, even accounting for Chinese slave labor. If you have a minimum wage job I understand a few hundred bucks more is a lot, but look at it as an investment.

    One thing I’ve learned is that cheap stuff from Guitar Center is actually more expensive since it never seems to stay in the setup for longer than a few months. Then its resale is almost nil since everybody else moved on to “cheap plastic thing mark II” when you did.


  • Emery

    Fail.. They wont sell more than a handfull of these. Seems cool, but when I saw the price I just laughed. They wont even touch NI with this. Its like trying to sell a Maserati to a guy looking for a corolla… Except the Maserati is really just a volvo with a crazy high price tag.

    • Lolni

      you gotta remember -just cause your not flushed with cash doesn’t mean everyone else is broke too. Secondly if you think nice venues are gonna be “installing” traktor and kontrol 1’s over this – you need to get out ALOT more.

    • Guy10

      what is so bad about 800$ dude? If you are a fan of anything then you support that “anything” regardless of price same thing goes for DJ’s if your a fan then you go and pay for how much there gig costs… looking at other effects machines like this… this to me looks simple and the x-pad is off the chain… some people just like the brand and if pioneer can handle selling its gear at this price while (im sure there company has people searching the web for ratings and opinions on there products…) people like you and mostly everyone else on this page is complaining i think they’ll survive…

  • Dustin Fox

    100$ more than the  S4, 200 + more expensive than Maschine.  What are these fools thinking? 

  • Tom

    This is just like their MIDI Mixer that they made for Traktor over priced two channel crap! Pioneer is still holding on to old technology, ya maybe the market is for Pro’s but there are not that many out there who make rediculous amount of $$ and hell I am sure they get crap for free anyway so us the low end DJ’s are actually the one who bring in the revenue. Also to add about the below comment regarding Traktor being weak well not sure what to say to that but they are innovating what DJ’s will become next and they are doing a great job.

  • 1000 Cutts

    Dont like any of the DJ’s in the vid but the Vid did rock – made me want to buy it – then saw the price, then saw the specs, then saw the plasticy build etc…

  • DjAntRiggi


  • Ice

    Crazy expensive, if you look at what you can get for the same money! I’m sorry there are not hundreds, but thousands of things I would rather buy for $999! Thanks Pioneer I’ll hang onto my $999 for some time more 🙂

  • Rukks

    So for $999, i could buy a cheapo laptop, ableton lite, and a bunch of vsts to run on ableton lite as effects or standalone….hmmm, yeah definately going with a cheap piece of plastic that half of the artist in the video won’t be using in 2 montsh…..because they will all go back to ableton for effects.

    But im sure this has the same effects as the djm-800 which is the best sounding effects engine and sound card ever built haha. I don’t even want to know what type of damage this will do on the sound signal, but hey if your playing in 10 year old clubs with shitty systems that who will even notice.

    Almost everyone called this to a T on the forums….pioneer show us something new, something worth considered as you have basically even fallen out of the consideration state.

  • Cameron

    the price tag on this thing makes me wanna vomit. that’s all i gotta say. Oh yeah and the dude wayyy down there dissing traktor, i think you’re on the wrong forum bro.

  • Ctrl B

    Literally can’t wait to get my hands on this! D’you reckon you’ll be able to daisy chain the signal from/thru/to the EFX1000? I kinda wanna keep mine – we’ve been through a lot together…!

    • Gavin Varitech

      I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to. Just put one in front of the other in the signal path.

  • techtitch

    I like the simple interface – perfect if you’re learning mixing – but for $1000 I’d want something I could make my own. My (presumably wrong) hunch is that the sorts of DJs in this price bracket can churn out these staid crescendo effects in their sleep, and would want something a little more creative and original?

  • Moo

    All of you are overreacting.  It’s only $999 MSRP.  If you’re buying everything at MSRP, then you are a fool.  MSRP is a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, which is just a made up number…then you see it sold at stores for less by the retailer, so it looks like you’re getting some sort of good deal.

    Again, it’s $999 MSRP, which means you can probably get it for $998 somewhere, so quit trippin 😛

  • ToOntown

    The idea is rock solid and the capabilities are immense, but for the price I can’t wrap my head around the following: why there aren’t more inputs, why it’s not made from more rugged materials, and why the drum pads aren’t a tad bit larger and doubled (8 total). 

    1.) Many DJs are running 4 deck setups now…there should be 4in/4out Line/Phono with switches to select which deck(s) you’re controlling effects for.
    2.) Would it have diminished profit margins so much to give it an aluminum chassis? That would have gone a long way in itself. It just looks cheap…when I first saw it I thought $400 tops.  
    3.) I’m not saying they have to reinvent the MPC but 8 slightly larger drum pads would have been a huge difference-maker. The versatility would skyrocket–you could either have 2 active kits or 1 huge kit.

    If it had those features, $999 would be a much more understandable price point.

  • Upbeatentertainmentny

    this must be a joke. id rather burn 1000 dollars than spend it on this. like someone else mentioned… youd be lucky to sell these at 100.

  • Luke Stein

    I wonder if the isolators are quality…. i like the gap they have tried to fill for the non digital djs that want the midi controller feel to their sets but at the price? ouch!

  • Deecodameeko

    As most have commented, the price does seem quite high. The design is quite nice though and quite compact.

    I believe their[pioneer] cdj’s all have usb options now(new ones anyway). Kinda surprised they’re using SD instead of USB on this device. That’s the only thing beyond the price that makes me go hmm….if you’re encouraging to bring your playlist on a usb stick, why not do the same with your fx processor? simply a small point I’m sure. Always feel like SD is going to break it’s so small..not sure I’d want to handle that in a busy club.

  • Rick Berherpski Mazzante

    Everything they sell is a 1000 times over prices, freaking a 1000$ for this thing. no freaking way

  • Jayman574

    It wasn’t made for you newbs!! It’s made for pros (make money spinning tracks at clubs) that can do way more on 4 decks than you can do on your controllers you zilches. Of course you don’t have money for this cause you don’t make 3000+ a night to kill it. All anyone does in this forum is bitch when somenthing better comes out than garbage traktor products…. Can’t wait to pick up the new native instruments F1 and pay an extra $$$ on an upgrade… Joke! Traktor is a toy for zilches….

    • GG

      Traktor is also a “toy” for A-Trak, DJ Craze, Shiftee, and a whole bunch of others…so yeah, not just “zilches”

      • Gavin Varitech

        I would hope that Jayman is talking about those little Playschool all-in-one Traktor controllers on the market these days, not Traktor itself. He does mention “your controllers” and “garbage Traktor products” after all.

        None of the jocks you mentioned play on a crappy little all-in-one box, they play on pro-level hardware mixers and decks (TT’s or CDJs). Traktor is just where they keep their music/samples.

        • Andrew Cizek

          Xone:3D is my all in one Traktor box.

          Come at me, bro

        • Jayman574

          Thank you for cleaning my statement up a little. Thing is all the pros Carl cox for example were dropping 4+ tracks on vinyl threw a regular mixer back in the days. They have nothing to prove they are pros… A lot of house djs still will not use a laptop they will only use cdjs and USB keys… Hip hop djs will not use traktor…

      • Je

        They use Traktor, but don’t use controllers. They still use mixers and turntables, other point. Jayman is talking about controllers and F1s…

    • Rickowned

      Tell that to some of the pros that play at ibiza think I seen some laptop screens with traktor on them on thr carl cox tour  and these pics were from Space

      • Je

        There’s a big difference between controller “DJs” with Traktor and DJs with Traktor who still use turntables and a mixer.

    • John Garza

      Well it’s obviously not for “newbs”… Ofcourse you COULD be a newb with a high paying job and still buy it, You don’t HAVE to make $3000 at gigs…. And I wouldn’t say Traktor is garbage, I mean YA if your as good as the guys in the video, you would have this industry standard stuff and may say screw Traktor, but I mean if your new, Traktors your godly starter, and most likely your going to be getting all in one “solutions” and MAYBE crap like an F1 (I wouldn’t, and the upgrade is for free BTW if your talking about Traktor 2.5). Who knows, MAYBE you’ll hit it big and get the real stuff! Ok? But not everyone does. (BTW if your going to nag about nagging “zilches” and noobs, please don’t nag in the way annoying Xbox Live gamers nag about newbs because they’re not a higher level or stupid shit like that. Its truly obnoxious…)

    • D3RKIN

           Hate to break this to you Pioneer is cheap built gear with a high price tag. I live in Chicago and have been in the music industry since 94′. So I would not consider myself a newb. Back when cdj’s first came out they were looked down upon and everyone said vinyl would never go away. Pioneer pushed forward and won the battle to be industry standard, but not because they build the best gear but rather because they were the only cd single deck players on the market. Also because Technics put out their version of cd decks to early without working out the bugs. Otherwise you would be playing on Technics still and not pioneer. So let me indulge you a little further on Pioneer cdj’s vs. Technics 1200’s: Technics tight pitches +8/-8, Pioneer the pitches are sloppy +10/-10 ( if you want them to be tight you have to use the pitch bend)which just like on 1200’s is bad habit as most people wait to make adjustment until there tracks fall off beat instead of making slight adjustments with the pitch control, next the build quality: Technics mostly metal construction built like a tank made to last for years of service, Pioneer is plastic fisher price feeling gear that you will be lucky to last for 5 yrs. So with that being said I feel pioneer is on the way out the door instead of trying to lead the industry they are following suite. Perfect example of this is when they tried to jump on the band wagon and put out controllers for the two leading DJ software companies, Serato, and Traktor. Wow did they miss that mark the build quality was that of the mixtrack with a price tag for almost a $1000.00. For close to the same price you could have bought the Vestax vci 400. Which is built like a tank similar to Technics build quality. Next I am pretty sure you are not making $3000 + a night but I am sure Richie Hawtin is and he uses Traktor Products and a Allen & Heath mixer(no Pioneers here). Want to be DJ’s jock pioneer, real DJ’s buy and use real gear Rane, Technics, Allen & Heath, etc…. Also I am sure you have a Mac and swear that the hardware is different than a PC. Paying top dollar for mediocre product is foolish whether you have the money or not….                 

      • I respect beatmatching

        You clearly don’t know a lot…

        Pioneers pitch can be changed from +6/-6 to +10/-10 to +16/-16 up to +100/-100.
        The quality and durability of pioneer CDJs in the market is not matched by any other branch. I’m a resident in a small club where they still use CDJ 1000 MK2s (released in 2003) and they never give any problems. These players are almost 9 years old and they work perfectly! Never needed any repairs. Real DJs buy and use real gear you say, well then I guess all those controller people should just pack their things and leave.
        If pioneer is such crap, why do they have the most used mixers/cdjs? Not only because of their commercials, but because of their durability, quality and easy lay-out. The effects on a DJM900 are unmatched. I can’t even afford such a mixer, but I’ve got enough experience to tell you that.

    • Fatcat

      If you want top quality toys pay top prices… I have a 12 yr old rane, 3 12’ves and one is 20 yrs old…I’ve had my efx 1000 since it came out and never had a problem…. it’s my personal hobby out of love for the art and music…wanna dj the right way buy the right tools…. I’m not a pro but I’ll wax most of the people in here…

    • Craiggaddis

      I guess richie hawtin, jeff mills, carl cox, and hundreds of other djs are zilches you say?? you dont have a clue what your preaching jayman so shut it!

  • Nadologist

    well done pioneer for bringing out something that already out there…for half the price. GTF.

  • Erikt6

    im such a huge fan of kissy sell out, he friggin rocks!, ok Pioneer delivers a strange entry into a crowded market of hardware fx units that end up being interesting for a few months, then back to the music

    • Owen

      I met him before, he is a top bloke, no ego what so ever wish more dj’s would take a leaf out of his book 

  • Ray Djcrunchtime

    Why would I need this FX box when i can do the same with my current software and midi controller? I am not interested at all. Most dJs that are using laptop based systems will not be interested in this. especially at that price. sooooo ridiculously absurd. Im looking at the price and it makes me want to F***Ing curse. It may be appealing to djs that keep there music on USB sticks. And the fact that its a stand-alone unit has its selling points. Only time will tell if this becomes a hit or bust for pioneer

    • Gavin Varitech

       How does being laptop or USB-based make ANY difference here? I’ll answer that for you, it doesn’t.

  • Stig Fostervold

    At first, just looking at the pictures, I though: Hm, what a cute little box. That’d be great to have as a backup during my sets if Ableton should start being a jerk.

    But then I saw the price. What the HELL NO.
    And then I read about it. Not only isn’t it as appealing now, for my purpose at least, but the price makes even less sense.

  • Jeroen Krieger

    Pioneer is so not getting it!

    They are trying to keep teher place in the what they are calling ”high end segment”…
    We are past that stage, 5 years ago if there was no Pioneer gear a Dj wouldn’t perform.
    But know even the Big Dj’s take there own gear with them!

    If Pioneer wants to keep running the show, they have to go further digital and not go back to the old days.
    They are not inovating any more, to bad because they build steady gear!

    • Gavin Varitech

      What’s funny is this thing WILL find it’s way into hundreds, if not thousands of clubs, and tons of real working deejays WILL also buy one for themselves.

  • Emil Beatsnatcher Brikha

    First of all I want to applaud the video, I have never seen something SO WORTHLESS being marketed in such an attractive and compelling way! That said, this machine is still pointless, the desperation is so apparent and obvious. How this even went beyond the Pioneer idea lab is beyond me. A personal hint to Pioneer, your next great product is lurking right here in the forums of DJTT. These cats, are the future, so start digging!

  • Contact

    Wow – 999€?? 399-499 € would have been fair! Anything above that is just ckufin’ crazy! Most Club-DJs I know hardly even use the effects on the DJM-Mixers because they do all their FX-Processing inside Traktor and the likes..Don’t get me wrong the unit looks like it could be fun in a bun but with that pricetag, who is gonna by that as an addon?!?^^

  • Easy Viewing

    Love pioneer stuff, but crazy price on this one   🙁

    • Camroberts

      I agree, their prices can be a bit of a pain.  I bought my djm-900 nexus a 2 months ago for $1750 plus tax.  I love it.  This I cannot put a price on having not demoed, but I would purchase it if it was closer to the 500-750$ range.  Hopefully it will sell for below retail.  I’m guessing 800$ will be the cheapest you can find.

  • Fat Mandy

    This should be under $500 at the most, $999 is just utter lunacy.

  • Phil from Northants

    It certainly looks & sounds great but $999 is a big ask.

    I wanna know if Pioneer are gonna be releasing a new controller to succeed the DDJ-T/S1???…

    Does anybody know?????

  • Carmai

    Not interested. The software can do that and more, and there is plenty of controllers to handle the software built in effects. Too much money for too little functionality. I am more exited about there Kontrol F1 than this gizmo. 

  • David Generato

    so expensive for an FX unit. but other companies must be on the lookout for this one.


    999??? sooooo fuckin expensive….. 🙁

  • Ronald Edwards

    There’s too little being offered and what little they do offer is normally handled by a computer. Pioneer, how do I break this to you gently? Computers are things that already do all the things your cute little widget does. There are a lot of controllers already do what your cute little widget does. If you’re wondering why no one is buying them, it’s because you don’t understand your target market. I’m not even interested in this even if it were $100… No Sale… NEXT!

    • Jabbbar Hoops

      How do I break this down to you gently? Pioneer product managers are making more money in a year than you will see in your entire life, now ask your self why.

      • neotechtonics

        insane markup and inflated salaries? #justguessing

        • Jabbbar Hoops

          Wrong, Pioneer is actually one of the few tech companies making real money and building industry standards. Keep having fun with your Macbook+nanopad and stop playing that “I know better than big companies CEOs how to run the market” thing, seriously, you’re ridiculous.

          • Richiebno1

            Plastic crap is all they build, 2 particular layouts is all they have and cling onto to maintain there ‘club standard’ in terms of engineering they have now been surpassed by more than one competitor as some else put it they are a brilliant marketing firm who subbed out the engineering.

      • Ed

        Product managers most likely make around $100-150k a year if you go by industry standard. Not really that much. But you should keep dreaming big!

    • Sander Krokodilen Sebton

      What is interesting about it is the fact that you don’t need a computer to use it. You won’t really be able to use the computer software you’re using now in 50 years, will you? The fact that this is a standalone unit is the only thing that makes it interesting, BUT the things that this unit does aren’t that unique. I’d rather just use two KP3s.

    • Codgodno1

      Your so wrong I’m guessing your a “laptop dj” then. In your own words, ‘let me break this to you gently’ you ain’t a real dj hence why pioneer will sell a shit load of these to real djs who want to rip it up on decks! Not laptop fake djs. Sorry to break it to you. An you think pioneer makes no money? Please your ignorance is incredible.

      • Shiggydiggy

         “let me break this to you gently’ you ain’t a real dj hence why pioneer
        will sell a shit load of these to real djs who want to rip it up on
        You’re not seriously trying that “you’re not a dj unless you use CDJs or Vinyl” crap, are you?

        • Deecodameeko

           ugh, yeah, do you know what site you’re on, Codgodno1?

        • Jabbbar Hoops

          No, what he meant is that the fact that you can’t hear difference between your crappy software filters and good hardware ones is the exact same reason why you’ll never understand Pioneer prices. Period.

          • Anthony Woodruffe

            No he really did mean “you ain’t a real dj” The F’ing bigot that he is. This Pioneer gizmo does not use so called ‘hardware’ to make these effects. it’s a 16-bit DSP which compared to 32-bit Computer FX sits in the shadow of professional DJ/production programs. If you want hardware effects then you’re going to have to use analog equipment like a Xone:92 or modular synths and not fart arse around with Pioneer kit. But hey; if people want to blow up Pioneer’s ass and pay their hyper-inflated prices then be my guest.

            However let’s get one thing straight just so everyone is aware.
            The human ear cannot detect any differences in sound quality above 40kHz. Even the most basic DSP’s are over that, including this RMX-1000.

            Point is; because it really does seem like some people are too F’ing stupid to work it out. This is a conrollerist website, so if you’re a vinyl spinning, CD playing elitist then you’ve either stumbled on the wrong site or if you repeatedly keep coming back here, then you really are one retarded waste of skin.

          • Anonymous

             +1 ! hahaha well put yo! bahahahaha…. It’s amazing… I wonder if people said the same thing when automatic transmisions were first introduced into cars, or when we went from the steam engine to combustion to diesel and so on… did people say ” what ? you drive an automatic… then you ain’t driving at all sonny!!! get you a model T with a crank shaft… NOW YOU”RE ON THE TROLLY!” 😛

          • Meatsterx

            A drunk audience wouldn’t hear the difference either

        • Moo

           He is.

        • David de grandpre

           it’s easy to say you’re not a dj if you use X equipement, i could say that anybody who use anything other then real vinyl is not a dj. But the fact is that today nobody really use real vinyls in clubs anymore and the number of DJ using CD is decreasing every day, now everybody use USB sticks and rekordbox who make the beatmatch as easy as it is on a laptop. So today’s Djing is no longer about beatmatching or what you’re beatmatching on, it’s about creativity and live performance.  I used CD for 8 years in the pass and i was getting bored of just beatmatching 2 tracks, beatmatching isn’t very hard, now i use a VCI-400 and i really can be creative and i’m a dj more then ever before

          • Ant-livE

            Actually….. Using a USB drive just makes it easier carrying stuff around in clubs. Thefe is NO SYNC BUTTON! All mixing is real, no way to fake that one! Instead of carrying a laptop or my huge book of CDs. I bring a few flash drives that fit nicely in my pocket to the club with me. No more carrying too much and worried it will get stolen if I leave my bag somewhere.

          • David de grandpre

             you don’t have a sync button but beatmatching with a bpm display (especially when it has digits) is almost as easy as using sync you just have to match the numbers, if you think beatmatching is the hard part of djing you’re not a good dj

      • ToOntown

        Wolfman Jack–now that’s a “real DJ”.  I doubt he would be interested in a piece of technology like this. You know…cuz he’s dead.

      • TT

        If they wanted to sell these to “real DJ’s” who aren’t “laptop fake DJs”, then why would they have “laptop fake DJ’s” in their promotional video? Last time I checked Porter (not that he’s the best DJ ever) uses the S4 just like everyone else on this forum/blog. My real question is, If you hate Laptop Dj’s so badly, what are you doing here? This is the HQ for laptop fake DJ’s, and we know what we want and what we will use. We want a cheap product that is sturdy and versatile. I understand we are not the market that Pioneer is targeting, but we should be. We’re the ones spending the money and Ive seen plenty of “real DJ’s” convert to controllers and laptops in the past few years because, whether you like it or not, it is the future of DJing

        • Deejaybaze

          If it got a sync button, your not a dj, just a guy pressing play and mix.
          This box can be usefull. For a lower price.

          • Tomii Forsythe

             Ok dude……. seriously? It takes like 10 seconds if that to match a beat… What is so damn wrong with a sync button?? I played on pioneers for the first time in years at a gig the other night. I was so damn bored it was crazy. Apparently there is no creative talent in that brain of yours. Were you saying that when the CUE button was introduced or the loop?

      • Sheaguy062000

        Your so right codgodno1…..thankyou for bringing that to everyones attention….These pc happy djs have no skills…

        • Rutger Willems

          How about Ean Golden?????

      • HT

        when youre playing a club.. and the audience is dancing in front of you.. do you think they turn to each other and say “omg hes using a laptop!!” or “omg did you see his cdjs?!” – most of them dont even know, or care what hardware you are using. So this stigma is purely for the other dj’s and the people who actually know what theyre looking at. For everyone else, its all about what theyre listening to. I guarantee that i can replicate any effect this unit does on a “fake” laptop. Interestingly enough, this unit is being shipped with a companion VST plugin, for added control. Now if this was targeted for a computer-less market, why would a VST be included? – I am in agreement that this unit is pioneers way of trying to break onto the controllerist market. Its a huge market, and its allowing more people to play music for less money. That HAS to be putting a dent (even a slight one) in pioneers market. When the whole world is going digital (not just in the music business) – its getting increasingly hard to keep up with the digital technology. and one day, very soon, digital technology will surpass its analog competitors. – its already happening in the film industry – where movies are being shot in HD digital formats as opposed to film reels. It would be ignorant of me to say that the digital market will completely take over because i think it will find a balance. But to deny it completely is ignorant on your part, sir.

      • Markwoollhead

        Dude, I just read your post, I started Dj ing techno on vinyl in 1989 and proceeded right up to 2010 which is when I bought a s4 controller, I wish I done it sooner, The capabilities to manipulate tracks are endless! It is more like remixing on the fly than just standing behind the decks playing someone else’s music thinking you’re the dogs bollocks! Try before you mock it!

      • Dontricor

        Even I’m taking exception to the term “fake DJ”. When CDs started becoming the standard in the DJ world, vinyl DJs felt CD DJ’s were “fake DJs”. I use either laptop or CDJs depending on how I feel at the time. In fact, I’ve probably been in the industry longer than you’ve been alive…it’s called keeping up with technology

    • Brian

      Well for $100 I would be interested in two of these.

    • PaulHolland DoubleDutchdj

      “it’s because you don’t understand your target market.”

      You What?  This products “target market” is in the computer-less, high end quality hardware section. Folk who want decent fx in a well made box without the need of a laptop. I’d say they’ve done just that!

      Seriously what particular part of the dj market do reckon Pioneer are aiming this at?

      • neotechtonics

        Korg did that 6 years ago with the Kaoss Pad 3… and for half the price. And it’s also one of the best MIDI-controller interfaces available.

        • AENSLAED

          Well KP3 is good but lacks in a very important aspect: THE SOUND OUTPUT. Many effects of the PK3 lower down the overall volume noticeably, thus breaking the flow of the mix or misleading in volume level monitoring…

  • Cid K

    It’s pretty koool new FX Toy… But WOWOW 999$ That’s way to expensive!

  • Kolishinmethud

    looks nice! but pionner gear does cost ALOT of money not that it isn’t worth it but this unit would likely sell more if they lowered it to around $500-$700 range. in my personal opinion.

  • neotechtonics

    just like all other pioneer gear… overpriced. gimme a Roland SP404 and a KP3 for less