New Live Remix + Production Contests

Today we’re launching a brand new contest to search out and give exposure to all the great talent in this community. Like our last contest, which was a massive success, this one is based around a brand new Mad Zach Ableton kit, which you can download for free through our new personal portal: Continue reading for a mind blowing performance from our last winner, Riccardo Betti, along with download links for the contest.

If you remember the last time we hosted a soundpack contest, you’ll recall that videos went massive – the winning video by Riccardo Betti now has nearly 2 million hits on YouTube! With that kind of momentum, we couldn’t help but want to take it to the next level, so now it’s time to do another contest with better samples and bigger prizes.

First, to get you super inspired: here is a demo video from Riccardo showing off the new Ableton pack. This was performed all live in the first take at DJTT HQ using nothing but Mad Zach’s remix sound pack and two MF3Ds.

To enter, just Download Mad Zach’s soundpack now and choose which of the two contests below you want to enter in!


This contest’s Side A is all about live performance and collaboration. Download and load up the drumrack or samples on your MIDI controller and show us what you (and your friends!) have got. We want to see all live, no gimmicks throwdowns. There really are no strict rules, and you don’t have to perform with others – but it will get you initial bonus points. We recommend using Ableton Live to load up Mad Zach’s drum rack for maximum effect (there’s a lot of mad trickery in there) but if you want to load the samples into something else like Traktor, Maschine, an MPC, or any type of performance controller – go for it!

Grand Prizes: Two Midi Fighter 3Ds + the full back catalog of Mad Zach’s Sound Packs

How To Enter: Just post your performance video as a video response to this video and put “myDJTT Remix Contest: Side A” in the title.
For some great advice on how to get started watch Ean Golden’s advice on making a great DJ video and Mad Zach’s finger drumming tutorial.

Choosing The Winners: Winning videos will be judged on liveness, originality, and arrangement. Please limit length to 2 minutes. Winners will be announced October 12th. No, you will not be competing against Riccardo or the example video above.

The Deadline: To be considered in the contest, please submit your entry by midnight PST on October 10th.

The Last Winner: Our now good friend Rick Fresco took the cake last time with his amazing hip hop jam on a Novation Launchpad. Winning the DJ TechTools live remix contest apparently has some great perks. Not only did Ricardo get amazing exposure on YouTube, but gig and television appearance requests all over the world.

We asked Riccardo how he got his video so tight, and what advice he has for this contest’s entrants. His answer was simple: lots of practice.


Side B of this contest has you wagering your studio skills. Download the free remix samples and parts here and go to work building out a slick remix. We encourage you to limit use of sound sources outside of the pack and keep the final product under five minutes.

Grand Prizes: A pair of Rokit 6 studio monitors and the full back catalog of Mad Zach’s Sound Packs

Choosing The Winners: Winning entries will be judged on originality, composition, and mix. Although likes and plays are a great way to garner community and friend support, this will not be a popularity contest, we’re looking for quality first! Mad Zach and Ean will be the primary judges here. To be considered, submit your remix no later than midnight PST on October 10th.

How To Enter: To enter, just upload your remix to Soundcloud and submit to our MyDJTT contest group. To do that, just join the group, then upload your remix to Soundcloud, and hit the “Share to group” button on the track itself:

Be sure to make it a free download so everyone can bump your remix around the world! Winners announced October 12th.

“Lazer Bay” – The Original Track by Mad Zach: To get things started, Mad Zach dusted off one of his early soundpacks (Layerz upon Layerz – Week 7) and transformed it into a full fledged track. Here’s the original tune that you’ll be remixing (it’s a free download in your MyDJTT portal with the same contest download link):

Once again, if you haven’t gotten your hands on the remix parts in the free soundpack for this contest yet, they’re a free download here. We’re all excited to see what you’ve got, so show it off!


We’re excited to launch the new section of our website that will be home base for new services and features over the next few months – Go ahead and sign up here now!

You’re probably wondering: what can I do on MyDJTT?

  1. Upload an avatar and fill out your profile
  2. Add the gear you use – so we can build a feed of personalized content and news along with gear updates.
  3. Download the MyDJTT Contest Soundpack (see below!)
  4. This will be your future login/user for all features on the site including comments and sounds
  5. All downloads and purchases that you make in the store will always be stored here for future reference.
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  • Jay

    Hey DJTT, the download links are down. can you re-upload it please ?

  • Marcel Johnson

    why is the download link not working anymore? could anyone be so kind and upload the pack somewhere else and post a link in here please? 🙂 i would really like to play with it for a while. inb4 contest is over

  • nick

    mad zackkkkkkk theres no soundpack when i click on the download link. Im a huge fan have both sound pack box sets and would love the lazer bay one thanks!!!

  • AndyCAPPS

    I never got my Midi Fighter :/ i’ve called, facebooked, emailed… nothing :/ makes me sad. Pls get back to me

  • Dj-expo Expo

    am like not to leave the net, hey this is super great things

  • Guest

    When you guys say midnight on October 10th, do you mean the very second the clock ticks over into midnight on the 10th in the AM, or do you mean after 11:59 pm on the 10th, going on 12:00 am on the 11th? What I mean is, do we have all day on the 10th to work on it, or do we have to get it in the day before?

    • TYLR

      Submitted to the group

  • Guillou

    Here is my entry, right on time!

    What do you thinK?

  • mocharizma

    quick questions,can i post more than one video? i have 2 style remix if i
    combine to one video it would takes more than 2 minutes,execuse my
    english,im from

  • tkr

    so we can use a sample to create a build and export it as a one shot for live use? thats within limits right?

  • Jay Bishop

    quick question: for the remix contest, can I post something with vocals or does it have to be instrumental?

  • Guest

    myDJTT Remix Contest: Side A

  • Augusts Karklins

    Will studio competition be also judged by quality of mastering?

  • pmgo

    is it cool to make some samples from the secret pack for the live performance, or are the intended for the remix? also where can we view entries on youtube? is there a playlist of entries?

  • Grant Elliott

    Just thought I’d let you know, but the samples all seem to be panned 34% to the right when I open them.

  • Shuffle Sam

    The Rick Fresco pack is still a text doc. for me and i cant open the other sound packs, “made in a newer version” is what it says… lame… i guess im putting the pack together by hand….

  • carlos

    can we use live looping for the ive performance contest?

  • Connor Irias

    I am intrigued. Liking the updated site design btw, guys…

  • Kreechur.

    For the production contest can we use sampler to change the pitch of the samples and still be within the rules.

    • Mad Zach

      absolutely, I certainly did. Flex your might, change that ish, just use them as the primary source material.

      • Rick Baker

        Is it cool if we filter the samples for the live contest or nah?

  • Michele Boscaini

    Which one of the sets are we supposed to use? The original one or the Fresco’s version?

    • Mad Zach

      it doesn’t matter, I put them both up because they’re a bit different but either is fine

      • Michele Boscaini

        Nice. Can we line up samples inside some mp3 tracks to use them with hotcues in traktor?

  • Stewe

    Looking forward to this 🙂 Can I use my keyboard in routine or it’s strictly to controllerism?

    • Mad Zach

      submit it to the contest group 🙂

      • CNK

        I did 🙂

  • Becco90

    Ehi mad, thanks for the opportunity! Can we make both contest? Cheers!

    • Mad Zach

      yeah go for it, although you can’t win both, unless you’re a complete beast 🙂

  • DJ Keys

    Who won the last Traktor survey contest?!

    • Mad Zach

      88 bpm

  • Rick Fresco

    Thanks for the HUGE video guys! 😉

    • Connor Irias

      your performance was… incredibly badass

  • djinturn

    I’m having trouble opening the live packs, when I unzip them, I get a textedit document.

    • Mad Zach

      which pack?

    • Mad Zach

      hey I fixed it, for some reason it didn’t include the file extension “.alp” so you can either just add that extension to the file or re-download. thanks for calling that out 🙂

  • Jayvee

    Cool stuff! Definatly gonna try my best at this 🙂
    And good luck to all other contestants

  • alchemy

    when is the deadline? i did not spot it on the article

  • Guillou

    Really cool! But any news about the #remixthis contest?