QuNeo Becomes Wireless DJ Controller With The Rogue

Keith McMillen Instruments just released details on a brand new accessory for the QuNeo controller that cuts the cord between the unit and the computer. While the technical specifications are still vague at this point, KMI notes that the Rogue will make the unit transmit data wirelessly and will provide power to illuminate the scores of LEDs inside.

Judging by the initial picture of the unit (at left), the Rogue adds a second layer to the unit much the same way a battery case for an iPhone or iPad might – and considering the iPad-form factor of the QuNeo, it makes sense.

Here’s the official feature list that KMI shares:

  • Attaches to any QuNeo
  • Range: 60 meters
  • Power: 6-8 hours
  • About $395

At this time no details on when exactly the accessory will be available for QuNeo owners – but they are running a giveaway contest of the first 100 units on their site at the product details link below.

More Info:

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  • Speezy Speez

    SICK! for the price of two brand new QuNeo units I can expand the functionality in a totally meaningless way! TAKE MY MONEY!

  • Dillinger23

    That is a pretty terrible advert. What on earth was happening? DJing by committee? Everyone in the crowd pawing at the controller all at once? LMAO.

  • DJ Tasty Treats

    If I remember correctly the Quneo simply sends midi commands over USB. Wouldn’t that mean that this device could work in theory with any standard usb midi controller?