CrossDJ for iPad v1.1 – Best Keylock Algorithm?

CrossDJ from MixVibes is one of the DJ applications that’s making a name for itself by trying to beat the Big Three (Serato, Traktor, VirtualDJ) at their own feature set – and their brand new update for CrossDJ for iPad attempts to show up Traktor with an advanced keylock algorithm. The new version (1.1) purports to have the best audio algorithms available powering the keylock system.

Here’s the full feature list from the MixVibes press release:

The app uses the best algorithms available on the market, so the sound is crystal-clear. The quality of the audio
output has never been so high on an iDevice. MixVibes proves it again with the new keylock function.

Keylock: mix everything with everything
No matter how much you change the tempo of your track, the tone will remain unchanged (without any distortion),
the music will stay harmonious. Keylock is useful when you mix different music genres. Indeed, 2 tracks from different genre have very different BPMs. This functionnality allows you to feel completely free and mix various music!
At the end of the day, you are more focused on your mix, and less on the technology.

What’s new in this version (1.1)

  • Keylock.
  • Faster library browsing.
  • Tapping on the vinyl when no song is loaded opens up the collection to load a song.
  • Master knob is linked to the iDevice volume buttons.
  • Optimized delay effect.
  • Cue / Play swipe.
  • New settings: Security, Pitch bend.
  • Various bug fixes and enhancements.

To promote the new release, CrossDJ has posted a video explaining the basics behind keylock and pitch bend and how it affects sound – a good overview for beginners:

CrossDJ users, we want to hear from you – how good do you find the new keylock engine? 

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  • BoldFaceType

    Fact: None of you guys have any! What a bunch of haters! None of the previous posters made any mention of having used Cross/DJ. MixVibes is asking you to **compare** MV keylock with your favorite DJ software. No one has even eluded to a comparison.** I challenge DJTT to do a feature by feature comparison of MixVibes Cross to any one of the big 3 , starting with Traktor and publish the results.** That would be the best article of the year (assuming there was some actual testing, video so we can *hear* and see the difference, and intelligent commentary, not just a spreadsheet and some marketing re-posts).

    I use Cross/DJ/DVSultimate and it’s ALWAYS been a good product. This is a company that actually listens to it’s customers, and it shows in the software (no sample-deck cock-blocking, or closed hardware/software development, or ridiculously priced full versions) They’ve been doing DVS for years (since 2004; DMC champs have used MixVibes Cross), which is the same year Serato got into the DVS game and a year BEFORE Traktor released their DVS. Yes, over the years they’ve been dragging their feet with the extra features (sampling, multi-deck, FX, ect), but all of that has been resolved now. Not to mention MixVibes beatgrid (hands-down best implementation), keylock (Hybrid mode), and DVS are as good, IF NOT BETTER than Traktor, Serato, AND VirtualDJ (and it’s been that way since 2004). The sampling is now great, there’s a good selection of FX, multi-deck support, track preview, auto-play, iTunes integrated, tons of pre-mapped controllers, no hassle midi-learn, easy import of Traktor and Serato DB with all your cues, bpm, and grid intact and the list goes on and on. All for a fraction of the price you pay for the big 3 (you get everything except DVS for $50 bones!!!). That is one amazing F***ing deal!

    But nobody’s hearing that. DJTT ain’t hearing that because they’ve got to
    satisfy special interests: Traktor is our sponsor, Serato gives us free
    gear, VDJ jets us 1st class to NAMM every year. Ean got his start by
    being independent, unique, original, yet he won’t give the outsider a
    fair shake?!! That’s just bogus. And yes, I’ve read all DJTT coverage on MixVibes Cross/DJ and it’s been *light*, fluff even. Especially when you consider the fact the MixVibes has been pumping out updates like it’s nobody’s business. DJTT can’t even spare a somebody to do an actual review of the *current* version of the software! This “article” is nothing but reposts, and you call this writing Dan?!! Really, the industry treats MixVibes/Cross like Blacks, Jews, and the French.

  • Delphine (MixVibes)

    As said in these previous comments, MixVibes uses the Zplane algorithm. We would like to thank them again for their great technology. Still. It is not just a matter of using the algorithm but how it is used combined with the audio system in the application.

    We suggest you to take whatever track you like : preferably a track with synths tone and a voice (where distortion and glitches can appear when you pitch up / down).

    Pitch down the same track on the same iPad with the different DJ applications using this algorithm, and just listen.

    MixVibes team

    • gmoney

      Traktor 3.4.1 Phase Voc. setting is still the best Keylock Algorithm I’ve heard. I wish some of the other companies would do their research (hint, hint) Native Instruments included and bring back this Algorithm/Setting. Solid Bass, Mid, and Treble even at extreme ends of the pitch and no weird dropped beats or glitching like some of the other keylocks. I’ve been using 3.4.1 since it’s release because I always mix in key and can’t find a better Keylock.

  • Last Resort

    two words: snake oil

  • Alienor

    Way better than before but still light-years behind the best keylock renderings I’ve heard (this being said, even elastique falls short when confronted to non-realtime algorithms, which is natural but a bit frustrating given the processing power of modern hardware ^^)

  • Blurp

    Uhhhh… seriously? You can hear right there in the example that it still has artifacting. Bleh whatever. Seems like they’re trying to cash in on people’s ignorance by advertising a standard feature as *new and shiny!*

  • Tragik

    Yeah Right

  • humantraffic

    I have a hard time believing some these claims… “no distortion”? doesn’t matter how good your algorithms are, there’s going to be artifacts and it’s going to sound like shit if you push it far enough