DJTT Interview: Zedd

From the DJTT interview vault, we’ve got an interview with the Russian-German producer behind last year’s album “Clarity”, Zedd. We used our time with him to talk about how he approaches song writing and production – watch the full thing inside!

Zedd’s album “Clarity” was a huge success last year, and with continued collaborations with some of the biggest names in electronic music he’s likely to see continued success. If you enjoyed some of the tracks in the video, they’re available for download on Beatport:

Want to reach out to Zedd directly and ask your own questions? Holler at him on Twitter, @Zedd

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  • jimwilcoxmusic

    Finally someone talks about how “sound” IS important… Mad Respect to the guy I followed and watched put out a song a week for an entire year… Cheers man, hard work pays off.

  • Ryan

    Hey DJTT, how about you interview somebody with a soul!
    Enough of this garbage music designed to trap your consciousness.
    How about some positive artists?

    • Joey Shin

      lol his “garbage” music is well respected and listened to daily by people from all over. if it doesn’t suit your taste, fine, go somewhere else and find it, but don’t comment this negative bullshit, claiming you have a better taste in music than everyone else. it blows my mind that people like you with such biased opinions demand that everyone else should be the same. gtfo.

      • Jim Wilcox

        Amen to that… Stop the pointless trolling.

  • djcwah

    I had to check myself when I thought, “this kid is ten years younger than me.” He had good advice and sounds genuine when it comes to caring about his art. Good interview! It would be awesome if he gave DJTT a walk-through of his studio or performance setup.

    • Joes Domingo

      dude… you really gonna spam here? embarrassing.

  • Richard K

    Zedd- Clarity (Brillz Remix)

  • Devin

    talk about a meteoric rise to fame, step one play a house party, step two play a rave with 300 people, step three play main stage at ultra music festival……hmmmm sounds easy enough. but really i have always had a deep respect for zedd because he had a good foundation in classical music.

    • dj stylus

      step 1 be a good musician, producer and roll with skrillex

  • Jonnyscratch

    Inspiring to hear someone on a big platform saying there is no right or wrong way of doing stuff.. like that a lot.. I’ve not heard of this dude before. Gonna check him out now. i like his way of thinking!

  • Winkie

    Last 3 minutes were the best

    • mina

      its all best honestly cuz all questions that been asked and the answers were important and logical for any producer who wanna produce something 100% right and

  • Zedd's Biggest Fan

    that was a great interview. it’s a shame it isn’t a bit longer. I think I could listen to him talk for hours. he’s so dreamy.

  • Another Producer/Dj

    Thanks for putting this up. On the producing side of things I think Zedd had been really vital because as least for me, he made me think about the harmony and the “under melody” aspects of songs and coming from a jazz background he has really inspired me to pay attention to that aspect when I make song and it really helps round them out.

    A raging lead line is all good and fine when your in the “big room” or festie, but those under melody and good harmonies will have people listening while chilling at the laptop or earphones. What I’m saying is I really enjoy his music out of the context of a show, the more you listen the more facets you get (go download the clarity stems from his site).

    This is a “DJ site” but something to think about none the less. Zedd will stay around for many reasons one of the most the is this one, IMHO Cheers!

  • Pan Pan

    Nice interview. Love your guys’ interview with these artists.

  • DjRockyLee

    Hey DJ TechTools Staff! Just a little error, the video goes on for a couple more minutes after the interview, it’s just a black screen!