J. Espinosa’s Winning Redbull Thre3style SF Set [Video]

A few weeks ago our friend J. Espinosa (who you might recognize from his guest appearance in this DJTT tutorial on switching DJs) stopped through to show off his set that won him the Redbull Thre3style competition at the regional level here in SF. Pretty awesome routine, and check out those cool custom Dicers!

(apologies to our friends in countries with restrictive copyright rules that don’t allow them to see this video. We recommend finding a YouTube proxy

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  • Carlos Tino

    Super clean. From track selection to blends to scratches and juggles. I never really get to appreciate his full talent since he’s usually on the radio with limited track selection, but damn SON! SUPA FRESH on the real. I need to practice WAY MORE! LOL

  • Toddmurphyart

    How about supporting each other a little rather than trashing the guy for putting his art out there? Bunch of snobs in the DJ community lately. If the world is so full of such better DJ’s then please send in a video of you doing better. I’m really curious. I think he’s killing it.

  • Jonesy

    That’s the kinda club tracks I have to play every weekend, but damn this guy really knows how to put it all together!!
    It’s time to practise!

  • Anonymous

    Cool skills, Terrible super commercial music tho

  • Anselm

    Maybe I’m wrong but for me is looks more like a result of good
    selection/prep/pre-production skills than of real scratch abilities.
    Just by listening and looking at the faders… I like the result though.

    • jn

      He isn’t a god at scratching, but his scratching was definitely solid so I’m not sure what you are talking about.

    • Jon Craig

      I actually think scratching is annoying if there is too much of it. It should be used to create ‘drama’ at appropriate times, not constantly.

  • dj crossfade

    better than then most djs on 106
    i was starting to lose hope for bay area radio djs happy to see there is a dj like ur self in the loving the battle mix style that u have there

    • James

      I grew up with the some of the best radio dj’s at 106 and 49.9 and the old KSOL on their old frequency. Does anyone from the Bay remember Cameron Paul. That guy was a god as far as I was concerned.

      • dj crossfade

        cant say that i heard of him just remember a bunch of training wrecking djs for a sec there .not saying all of them just some

  • dj crossfade

    i have not heard a good radio dj in years 🙂 from the bay area

  • Sean

    Absolutely killed it

  • old fart

    Well it kicked ass till you got the stupid ‘don’t wake me up’ in there…

  • James

    Is this the J Espinosa from 94.9?

    • Dan White

      That’s him!

  • enorjy

    does anyone that use traktor compete in this thing?

    • antifm

      yes i compete each time i turn it on. I compete against my last time using it. lol
      This is a great set though. Good work mate