Turntable x Dicers = Reloop RP-8000?

We first saw a hint at the upcoming release of the RP-8000 turntable from Reloop back during BPM in September – and the unit is finally shipping out to retail locations this week, just in time for the holidays. What makes the RP-8000 exciting is that that it appears to match the build-quality, design, and featureset of the industry standard tables like Technics 1200s or Stanton STR8-150s – but it adds a major amount of integrated MIDI controls. The controls outdo the level of control that other turntable friendly solutions like the Novation Dicers offer, and include:

  • Track browse / load encoder
  • Four “mode” buttons: Cue, Loop, Sample, User
  • 8 control buttons for each mode

The RP-8000s also have a reverse button and an adjustable start/stop time from 0.2 to 6 seconds, and a secondary start/stop button for vertical “battle mode” setups, and a LCD for the pitch fader – with a resolution of .04%.

So what’s the price now that the units are finally headed to retailers? We’ve heard from Reloop that the turntables will be about £1000 for a pair in the UK – but a bit higher in the US, we’ve spotted street prices around $799.

Would you pick up a RP-8000? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • efrazable

    It’s that much for a PAIR. Learn to read.

  • sam

    I checked these out at the BPM show in Birmingham and thought they were really solid, considering getting myself a pair for xmas…

  • Kevin Schrader

    They make a “Digital DJ Turntable” with MIDI controls but no internal soundcard for directly sending the timecode signal to the DJ software? Stupid Reloop!

    • Ronfaro

      Maybe that’ll be a future model. An internal soundcard in each deck would add considerable complexity (in engineering/design) and a higher cost. Imagine if one of them broke and needed repair. I imagine quite a densely packed case full of surface mount components.

      • Kevin Schrader

        a modern stereo in/out soundcard is not that big and complex… look at traktor audio 2, where like half of the size is only so the 6.3mm jacks fit in. you could easily fit that inside a turntable

  • Zam

    It looks like the perfect turntable for the 21st century! Hopefully it is high quality construction and sound.

  • luv2party

    it’s not a smart buy if you can get st150/str8150 for and dicers all for 700

    • luv2party

      it’s not a smart buy if you can get st150/str8150 and dicers all for 700

  • Edward Midgley

    These look awesome

  • KIO

    As stated before at your previous tidbit about this turntable, I’d love to see a 2013 models comparison between turntables from different manufacturers. I’d also like to have all these turntables compared to a similar priced bench mark hi-fi turntable for sound quality.

    If necessary I will sacrifice myself for the arduous task to receive and listen to all these turntables. 🙂


  • Joe Carroll

    $375-499 would be the most I’d be willing to pay. I can get real 1200s for as low as $250 each, and quality Vestax for even less. All those other features could be added with a $50 Kong Nano controller.

    • Ronfaro

      If you can get 1200s for $250 you’re in a good position to resell them at a nice profit. Especially considering how rare they are becoming.

  • migueladobe

    I like the design, it’s solid, if you are a turntablist they are a win and you could do some real sick juggling. However I want more single deck controllers like DJ Tech’s Kontrol One a CDJ without the CD transport, and not as cramped as a X1.

  • ThePhanatik116

    Since when is 800 bucks considered a “low price?” Dang…

  • sinjintek

    that’s odd, according the DJWORX the UK price is set to be £525 each. How can you reasonably speculate that the US price would be (considerably) less than half the UK price? that doesn’t really make much sense.

    • hih

      uhhhh… they speculate around $800 which translates to about £475… not that far off. certainly not less than half the UK price,

      • sinjintek

        allow me to blow your mind with my amazing copy/paste skills:

        “We’ve heard from Reloop that the turntables will be about £1000 a piece in the UK – but we’ve spotted street prices in the US as low as $799.”

    • Dan White

      Yep, this was an error in the article. It should have been £1000 for a PAIR.

  • Francisco Reyes

    reloop va por el camino correcto

  • Ryan Dejaegher

    If only Reloop had released this right when DVS first arrived on the scene, they could have captured a nice market. At this point it’s a cool product but it might be too late to make any serious sales. I think most people would already have dicers or other forms of midi control.

  • Bassick

    Would love to see a review of this table from DJTT’s point of view. I’ve been waiting for a couple of months on the release of this table, only thing i’m holding out on is the actual reliability / robustness of it.

    • Dan White

      We are awaiting our review unit! 🙂

      • Bassick

        sweet! looking forward to it!

  • melovibes

    If only they were faced battle style like most people who use turntables….

    • RandomGuy

      they are

      • melovibes

        Just looks off. I wish those triggers were on the side of the TT. But to me, Reloop isn’t a quality brand anyways.

        • gonzalovalenzuela

          has you used it? I have a pair of rp6000 and they are rock solid!

          • guest223

            where die you mount your Dicers?
            At the case of your 6000ers?
            If yes, where?
            I always have to dismount a “Play” Button if I want to use them…
            What’s your solution?

  • DJ Rojas

    Where can I pick my turntable at?

    • 415

      See that blue text at the bottom? That’s a link that will take you to where you can pick your turntable.