Allen & Heath Introduces Xone:23 DJ Mixer

Allen & Heath is opening the gates on their brand-new Xone:23 DJ mixer set to début on Thursday at the opening of the NAMM show in Anaheim, California. The mixer, designed to be a feature-heavy update to the Xone:22 mixer, keeps the same two-channel design but adds a unique new form factor to the steel faceplate and a number of features – watch the video introduction and then check out the full details from A&H below.

  • 4 RCA inputs – two PHONO, two line
  • 3-band total kill EQ
  • XONE VCF filters – low pass and high pass, with the frequency and resonance controls seen on the DB:2/4 mixers
  • Replaceable crossfader with curve selection
  • External send/return FX loop
  • RCA Record out
  • Balance XLR mic in with 2-band EQ
  • Balanced XLR master out
  • RCA booth out

Click the images below to zoom in and get a better look at the mixer:

The Xone:23 will cost around £242 (excluding VAT) – roughly $400 USD, and is expected to start shipping in 2014.

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  • Leonides Contreras

    what do you think about numark m3 4 the money..

  • Rick

    Id like to see A&H get an effects device out.
    borrowing from the db series

  • LoopCat

    They should update the 92 but leave the wings off

  • Robert Wulfman

    everything about this looks perfect except for the price

  • Futureglue Musik

    Nice RCA cables! does anyone know who makes them?

    • MrCuss

      d+ Series RCA Cables

  • Lantau

    Missed a trick not including a DVS loop as per the DJ Tech DIF-1S I think

  • l3f

    frequency and resonance of the DB2/4? is this analogue, or digital ? is the mixer analogue ? interesting that they revamp the 22, when the 32 is quite outdated. do they plan to make more analogue mixers ? so many questions..

  • Chris

    I was looking in the user manual on A&H’s website and I saw that the PHONO inputs can be converted to Line inputs (similar mod to the Xone 92) which gives this mixer so much more potential.

  • mikefunk

    I ques new Xone DB mixers are coming soon…

    • Erik P

      That makes no sense. Those are almost brand new and A&H has product cycles almost as long as Rane.

  • freaky

    I hope they will also update the DB:4.

  • Anthony Woodruffe

    The Xone:92 was the perfect mixer for me and has been since 2009. Sadly I’m slowly wanting for an integrated sound card. I don’t need a DB4, it doesn’t have the same I/O as the 92. I don’t want Pioneer it just isn’t as warm as an Allen&Heath mixer. I don’t need every mixer button Midified, I just want too lose my NI Audio 8 and I’ll be a happy man.

    • Justin "DjBWick3d" Buss

      check out the Denon Dn-x1600 mixer…. i was having similar issues with finding the right mixer for me and the x1600 is what i decided on…. for the price and abilities build into it is a phenomenal Mixer…. fully midi mappable built in sound card had the lowest latency i’ve seen out of any midi device. Traktor scratch certified right out the box… 4 channel, 2 mic inputs, built in rout able FX unit, midi out,

  • Wootz

    Looking good!

    Could this be a sign that there is a revamp of the 92, or possibly the entire line, coming?

    I’d like to think so! 😀

  • JuanSOLO

    Finally the mixer I have been waiting for, and it doesn’t have a filter per channel, and it’s really ugly. I would cut those wings off first thing.

    • LoopCat

      I feel exactly the same way. No way I’m buying that.

    • Paco Loco

      +1 looks terrible! What on earth were the designers thinking?

    • Gonzo

      It just look like shit. You cant only select between the two filters not like the xone42 where can select several filters. And those cut off design ugly