Creative Effect Tips for Pioneer DJM Mixers: White Noise

DJs around the world use the Pioneer DJM 900 mixer in regular gigs without taking advantage of its powerful on board effects. In today’s article, Ean shares techniques on how to use creative crossfader routing and additional effects layered on white noise to generate a very playable tone useful for almost any style of DJing. There are a few mainstay DJ mixers on the market, with a select few offerings that appear in club installs from Pioneer DJ, Rane, and Allen & Heath. One that consistently shows up in clubs is the Pioneer DJM 900 mixer. If you’re not completely familiar with it, you may want to check out our review of the DJM 900. We will be publishing a series of tips and tricks on how to get more out of this great DJ mixer over the coming months. Today’s DJM 900 mixer tip is centered on one very useful effect: the Noise color FX knob. Noise is a simple but powerful tool that can be used to transition between DJ’s and it can be placed over top all sets of any genre.


What are your favorite Pioneer DJM FX?

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  • Emiel van Heijst

    Try the (white) noise together with the Roll effect. 😉

  • David Reinberger

    Also can be used with the echo as a build up effect with a nice tail when you turn off the white noise. 🙂

  • Diego

    would love to see this same effect and setting in a traktor mapping !

  • slymatik

    Is there anyway to use the same effect in traktor using an S2? I love adding effects to my scratch routine, but it sucks that the crossfader shuts them off!

  • Rasp Haunt

    You known Ean,you are thee true new ambassador of the new DJ-Tech…Your Candor is Perfect,you know how to properly articulate,and,above all…you can Handle it.Thank you for all you have done for this artform…I truly dont think you get the credit you deserve….Me and the kats I work with have an Ocean of Respect for Ean Golden…if not him,who?

    again,Mad Respect Kid,

    -Rasp Haunt

  • icejoo

    combination with trans gate effect is fun as well.

  • Andy

    PLEASE do more DJM-900 Tutorials!

  • ithinkmynameismoose

    These videos are so Helpful! I bought a 900 from you and things like this mean it never gets boring to use it, always new tips and tricks!

  • Patrick

    I like to use a boss delay pedal with the noise effect. It’s good for buildups, or just throwing in a little spacey swoosh on a minimal track. Great video though

  • Paul Muller

    one of the top DJTT vids (up there with tempo change tips). It took my a year to stumble upon Ean’s suggestion of using the white noise on a separate channel but I hadn’t thought to shape it using the EQ, so as they say you learn something new every day (or should try). The only frustration is that I now miss it on my A&H DB4 and without a send/return it’s not really possible to do it with an RMX-1000 either! Which is a long way of saying, these sorts of tips and tricks would also be super useful for the other top mixer brands as well as ideas on how you can use Traktor to close the gap (e.g.: someone suggested using Traktor Remix Decks for white noise when using a DB4 – something I hadn’t thought of before!)

  • Ru

    I really love adding the Spiral effect to the Noise. Gives you kind of a build out of no where and you don’t have to mess with the original track :).

  • DJ Anti Hero

    Another trick I learned playing around with the noise effect… Messing about with the transform effect and the timing of the transform (one beat, half, quarter etc… ) on the transform applied to the noise effect is pretty fun to use as well. Basically sorta sounds like you’re doing a transform scratch – especially if you mess about with the noise effect a bit to mimic speeding and slowing the record down thereby increasing and lowering the pitched sound of the noise effect – more you twist it right… sounds like you’re pushing the record a bit like a real scratch… more you twist it left… sounds like you’re dragging it a bit… mess about with it… you’ll see what I mean. Just make sure like Ean suggests… use the noise effect on a channel that’s not playing a track. Hope that’s fun/helpful.

    • DJ Anti Hero

      Oh… and you can assign it to a crossfader as well and mess with it even more with the transform applied…

  • AwwDamn!

    Does anybody know the name of the song at the end?

  • CUSP

    Good job, I’m sure this wil be useful for a lot of people. Thankfully white noise was not applied to the vocals, which gives a gas voice I am so sick of.

  • lesterhein

    Tuts like these are the reason I joined DJTT in the first place 🙂 Thanks for this, keep ’em coming!

  • Ricardo Thomas


  • Dirtylooks

    This is great! I liked the steps to get more creative with the effect (cross fader assign, echo quantization etc.) I would REALLY LOVE to see more videos and content from you guys that go into the creative effects/uses/capabilities of the DJM-900. Hopefully this style video can be a regular thing!

  • killmedj

    Thanks Ean. I’ve always hated the noise effect. But you may have just changed my mind about it! Cheers.