Did iTunes 12.2 Delete Your DJ Playlists? Here’s How To Fix It!

We wrote a few weeks ago about how a recent iTunes update (that incorporated Apple Music) was causing all sorts of trouble – including mismatched songs, missing ID3 tags, wrong artwork, and a number of other incredibly infuriating issues for DJs. This afternoon in the DJTT mailbox was a tip to a solution to one of the biggest problems that happened to some with the 12.2.0 update- playlists being deleted.

I just upgraded to iTunes 12.2.0. and ALL of my playlists and most of my songs are now gone! I have tried to restore my previous iTunes library by Timemachine, but that did not help. I still have all of my music and playlists on my iPhone. What to do??? –  andersfromaabybro on Apple’s Support forums

Shortly after this post, Richard Grant shared his steps to fixing the issue of missing playlists – something that would make the blood of pretty much any DJ boil. Here’s his solution:

First, you should try to turn off iTunes in the Cloud, which I think requires going into Store > Account Info and selecting “Deauthorize This Computer” or something like that. (I can’t check because I’ve got it turned off.)

Now quit iTunes. Look in the folder Music > iTunes > Previous iTunes Libraries. Hopefully, there is at least one document in there with the file extension .itl and a date *prior* to when you updated to to 12.2. If you find such a thing, then do this:

Back in the main iTunes folder, rename the files iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Music Library.xml (just add “corrupted” to the beginning of the file name, or something like that). Now rename the previous version to iTunes Library.itl, drag it into the main iTunes folder, and restart the iTunes app. (The XML file should regenerate automatically.) If all goes well, you should be looking at a version of your iTunes with all your playlists and songs restored. If you are given the option to use iTunes in the Cloud, just say No — this seems to be where these problems are coming from.

If you can’t find such a file, then you can look for one in TimeMachine — just be sure the backup was made prior to upgrading to 12.2. Again, bring this into the iTunes folder, replacing the version that’s been corrupted. I really do hope this works!

Have you continued to have issues with iTunes? Anyone found a GOOD alternative music player and organizer (cross-platform, so Winamp doesn’t count) that DJs would love to use instead of the bloated Apple software?

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  • lanceblaise

    For me iTunes was always the best way to organize my music. With this new update though there is one major issue it is causing me now. I write my key tags into the “comments” section. Then I sort them in iTunes based on that key number. But now In Traktor the iTunes playlist are not sorted any more. And if I try and sort in Traktor the numbers 10, 11, 12 all come before 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 so on… Very annoying.

  • David Alexa

    Itunes is pest for me. The best way to organize songs for me is simply in folders and mantaining the ID3 tags with mp3Tag (use wine on mac). I only use Itunes to burn my cds on my mac…

    • David Alexa

      And to play the songs I use VOX in mac, and AIMP in windows. Two lightweight and simple solutions, no library-based.

  • Jin How

    if anyone has music, videos or photos in their ipad or iphone, but not on the main hard drive, there is an app called DeTune that lets you access and transfer the file from a mobile device to a computer. apple has made transfers only from computer to mobile device, the app allows saved files from the mobile device to be transferred back to the main hard drive. always back up your playlist tunes on your ipad/iphone!

  • Joshua Nussbaum

    All you need to do is disable the iCloud Music Library under File->Preferences->General. That’s it. iTunes works fantastically as a cataloguing tool, the problem comes when people don’t take the time to change the default settings.

    If you’re a DJ or a Producer, you should ALREADY be exploring different settings and preferences for the programs you want to use BEFORE you start using them. If you don’t know how something works, you really don’t have a good excuse to get upset when it does something you don’t expect. I’ve had iTunes Match/iCloud Music Library disabled since version 10, so switching to the new update was seamless.

  • Guido

    Has anyone updated to the latest iTunes and has a working iTunes integration? I don’t dare to update since I read about the problems about integration.