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DJ Software Options for Beginners: Free to $99

Last week we published a video for kids that will help them explain digital DJing. A number of our readers suggested that we should instead show them legitimate ways to get into DJing without much money. We agree, so today I am going to outline three ways for someone to get started in digital DJing for $0-$500.

There are two fundamentally different ways to approach digital DJing

  1. Hardware that plays back music or music files (CD players, MP3 Players, Turntables)
  2. Software on your laptop that is controlled by hardware.

I will be focusing only on the second method, not because it is necessarily better, but because it’s my specialty and if sales are any indication, software is the increasingly popular choice for new DJs today. Software also offers a lot of room for modular choices and growth, while hardware setups are more expensive and less flexible.

Option 1: Software and a Keyboard 

If you already own a computer, this is the fastest way to start experimenting with mixing. Just download a trial of any DJ software, and start mixing by using the keys on your keyboard to trigger functions like play and volume.  It’s not ideal, but entry level software is a solid way to try out the world of DJing without a big investment.

Here are the best choices for entry level DJ software


Cost: Free

Download Free Full Version Here:

Upside: Totally free and open source, this is simple place to start. Mixxx is also equipped with effects, beat matching and many of the standard features today so it wont be a bare bones experience. It also includes MIDI support (including a mapping for the Midi Fighter!)

Downside: Development cycles have been intermittent, and a lot of features don’t have the technical stability of some of the big softwares – for instance, DVS and the audio engine still are continuing to be rewritten and developed.


Virtual DJ Home

Cost: Free

Available Here 

Upside: This is one of the more feature-rich free DJ programs out there and gives you most of the Virtual DJ software functions without hardware control capability.

Downside: In order to move to the next level of DJing and get hardware integration, an upgrade to Virtual DJ  Pro is going to set you back $200 – 300.

Traktor DUO

Available Here

Cost: $99

Upside: This is the only one of the more moderately-priced DJ softwares that enables support for mappings (MIDI controllers). With most other software you need to purchase the more expensive “pro” versions. Duo allows you to get started in the world of Traktor DJing for relatively little and then upgrade to Pro later for a fairly low price of $139.

A pretty cost effective way to kill two birds with one stone is purchasing the Audio 2 sound card which comes bundled with Traktor LE. This will get you started with pre-cuing and software for only $99 and NI is offering a free upgrade to DUO this year.

Downside: Traktor Duo is only two decks and two sample decks – no three or four deck mixing here. Additionally, it has a limited selection of only six effects within two fixed effects units, no loop recorder, and a locked layout. For the full suite of Traktor you will eventually need to upgrade to Pro which can get expensive. The most cost effective way to get Pro is through purchasing the NI hardware, but at $699 – the lowest price option is the Kontrol S2.

Deckadance “House” Edition

Cost $99

Available Here

Upside: This is a pretty feature rich “light” edition with 8 sample decks that sync up to your master decks. This enables Ableton-style loop-based DJing, which is only possible in more expensive versions of most other software. The step up from this only enables 12″ vinyl control so for controller DJs this is a full featured pro software for only $99.

DownSide: The effects leave a little to be desired and the beatmatching/sync function could be better (more on that in our review). The development of Deckadance is pretty stagnant, with the most recent release being over a year ago.

DJ Software: Mix Vibes Cross DJ

Cost: $69

 Available Here

Upside: This is the lowest priced option we found that not only supports MIDI controllers but provides a wide range of templates for them included with the software. The jump up to the “pro” version, which supports Vinyl control is also only about $60.

Downside: The demo is only for Windows. This is one of the smaller companies out there for DJ software so new features and development may be slower than the bigger labels down the road.


Cost: $19

Available Here

Upside: This was originally created as an OSX application, and is sold in Apple Stores and on iOS, so the interface, design and general usability is very “Apple”: simple, easy to use and built with the user in mind. Most of the other DJ software on the market is still looking and feeling like software from the mid early 2000’s while djay has a slicker user interface that feels a bit more modern. Djay also has midi mapping!

Downside: Djay is intended as a very consumer level product; the effects, sync engine and other standard DJ features do have a hard time competing with more serious software like Traktor or Virtual DJ. Mac and iOS only product.

Other notable options include:

  • Numark  Cue
  • Torq –  Since Torq is $249 and does not have a entry level version, we left it out of the lineup.
  • PCDJ


We recommend you to download a trial version of the two top choices and experiment with the software. Ask yourself:

  • How easy was it to get started and work in my music collection?
  • How much fun were the effects and features?
  • How well did the beat detection and auto sync features work?
  • Is there an active forum with lively support and development?

In the coming week we will cover the next logical steps up in digital DJing: Controllers

Inexpensive “Controllers”  from $50-$200

  • This will add tactile control without pre-cuing.
  • A roundup of basic controllers that will provide a better interface without breaking the bank.

All-in-one DJ Controller with Sound Card from $250-$500

  • This will add tactile control and a sound card for the full DJ experience.
  • What are the top four value bundles that provide great quality at a reasonable price.
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  • Ryan

    All i am gonna say is ‘Music is not about how many people are in your band… How expensive your equipment is… or even how many views you have on YouTube… Its all about the passion you have for the music you make’ – Ryan

  • Robert

    ok super old article but I wish i had seen this before, but even tho it might take an hour or two to learn. i’d HIGHLY recommend people get Ableton INTRO. i got it free with my launchpad, but it was $99 before, and is fantastic for DJing AND learning basics of production at the same time. Plus, there is no shortage of information available online to help and the software does allow for beginners to expand to the next level in learning production as well

  • atomos

    hello djtechtools!.. where the article with
    Controllers ?)

  • Willba

    Hey guys im 16 I work at kfc and have saved up and brought a ddj t1 and also upgraded to Traktor pro, personally I don’t understand how people cant afford decent controllers. If djing means that much prioritize and save up im currently doing party’s and have done gigs for my local youth centre and learned the ins and outs of pa. (pro audio) Just work hard and save and you can have all the gear real quick.

    • vadercon

      I work a shitty retail job, i’m a full time university student, i pay board and I pay for my own travel expenses (petrol, car, insurance). Music in general means the world to me, not just DJ’ing. But as much as I love making and sharing music, sometimes money has to go to other things. I love posts like this that allow me to save my dollars, still get my feet wet in DJ’ing without having to sacrifice my study, travel, life, etc.

  • I think we forgot about headphones, a laptop and a sound card.

    There are some pretty inexpensive sound cards out there (I suggest the Audio 2 DJ from Native Instruments or the Numark DJ IO if you don’t already have a card in your controller, that can output 2 discrete channels of stereo audio). This sound card can still be used when you buy a low-end controller (and you can sell the whole kit to one of your friends when you’re ready to move up). Headphones get a little expensive as well, but there are a few of them out there for less than $100 as well. Even a cheap pair of headphones that cover your ears aren’t great, but they’ll do the job… especially when learning at home. Your iPod earbuds won’t have enough sound isolation to keep loud noises out. If you find that your headphones don’t “jack into” your sound card, you can buy (1/8′ stereo to 1/4″ stereo) adapters at your local Radio Shack or Music Store for under $15. The laptop computer is what is going to set you back the most… I haven’t really seen a full-sized one for less than $300 new but I’d suggest not using a netbook for DJing simply because the monitor is too small and you’ll want at least a 13″ monitor for DJing.

    Remember that there is also a used market out there, no one said you have to buy new when you get equipment, but be very discerning when buying anything used; all hardware is subject to wearing out, and definitely CLEAN ANYTHING USED before you use it, you never know what things people did with their equipment before selling it to you (hint: sneeze, spills etc.)

    The cheapest rig I’d suggest is; an Audio 2 DJ ($99) comes with Traktor LE (or Duo), Nady DJH-2000 DJ Headphones NADY DJH-2000 DJ Headphones and a USED Windows PC (no less than 2 Ghz, with 2 Gig of Ram) (around $250) all told around $400.

  • Ryan Newby

    can not wait to get started…. is there going be a series of hints and tips for the Newbies….. Ryan Newby…. Just about to start to learn DJ ING been a techno trance listoner for over 10 years…. back with john digweed was around

  • Ryan Newby

    next thing, where do i buy my sample music from and that alike. cheers for all the help on your website guys. Ryan Newby

  • Swiftrhythm
  • Anonymous

    Anybody try out mixxx with serato/traktor vinyl control/serato CD timecode control, provided by xwax. This make the program compatible with any, audio driver available, sound card (like the SL series from rane, and traktors sound devices.)

  • Markus

    Well, all the people that hate here, I tell you a proverb from Photography:

    The amateur has problems with the gear,The professional has problems with the money,
    The master with the light.It does not matter on what gear you perform, because skill is not dependent on gear. Or please tell the veteran turntable guy that for his fade-out echo you need a controller… he will laugh at you and tell you to practice more.I really appreciate these introductory texts, even if it just spreads the word and makes the community bigger. You know, more customers, better stuff. And for people just starting out, these articles help to save money and have FUN. (Sometimes I think you haters have no longer fun DJing…. sad.)And for the guy that was talking “why do we not see mappings and pr0 1337 stuff here?”Well, guess what, if you had enough skill, you would make your own mappings and share them with us here or have your own blog with me reading it for your mappings…. As long as you require assistance with those things – TRY to understand that some other people need assistance with even buying their first controller.

  • Tange

    For every Traktor S4 owner:
    I’m mapping the S4 controller to Mixxx!
    Mapping here:

    There are still many things to do, but it’s Dj-able 😉
    Why don’t you guys give it a try? Every contribution to the project is needed! (If you find some bugs, you can report them easily)


  • Dj Pedro

    Great, lets get more people involved in software based mixing, having never seen a turntable!!!!! you should be encouraging beginners to start djing the right way not the easy way. anyone can mix with software that does it all for you!

  • tay740

    Traktor Duo is an excellent move for any beginner IMHO.

    Firstly starting out don’t let titles like “PRO” get in your way, you might think you want the latest and greatest but from experience, baby steps (especially with software its easy to upgrade later)

    Secondly you will have an awesome time learning technique with just 2 decks and you will get a better idea of, “it would be awesome if I could do this or I could do it this way” and actually plan and figure out what you NEED to do what you WANT, not just what you want. Time to learn how people you admire do things and what sort of techniques are out there.

    Also Traktor is the most flexible, with a giant community, at an awesome price that doesn’t put it out of reach. You don’t need a controller to get started you can do heaps with just a p.c. keyboard (if your has a synaptics pad you can intergrate that).

    The kicker is how easily (mostly due to the community) Traktor integrates with any controller that puts out midi (and with some software modification/help even some that don’t). You really don’t need anything flash, or brand new (but I do suggest finding out whats reliable, especially if you are spending lots of money on it). Chances are you won’t stop with you’re first choice any way, and by no means limited to just one controller.

    DJing is a hobby and a passion and it will grow as such I believe from my experience its a good place to start. I’m saying this because it wasn’t my first choice and I made a few wrong ones and it took a few turns to get there but Traktor worked it out for me when I found out about it.

    Saying all that and it will probably come out, later my favorite set up is with Traktor Pro 2 with 2 cdj’s and the s4 in the middle and I’m constantly struggling internally over if I get rid of my DJM 800 or not, but its totally my baby, lol.

    Happy journey!

  • DonmecZ

    Great article! This would have helped me out so much 3 years ago!!! I started making beats on FL, Reason, and Ableton a while back. Then, I purchased an Akai MPD32 to help in my production automation… while looking for new ways to kill time with the pads i found traktor and never looked back… I mapped the heck out of this MPD32 along side my `Oldie but Goodie` Oxygen 8v2. Then because of the lack of a soundcard with which to cue listen to the next track, I knew i needed a dj controller with an interface as well as jogs for backspins and whatnot. Settled for the Hercules MK4 ( I am not swimming in money here lol 😉 So i now run 3 controllers at the same time in traktor with such goodies as x-fader start, ultra knobs and pad supper combos… it seriously is crazy sh*t! So much fun!   I am just a home studio producer not a stage dj  but i LOOOOVE controllerism and even had 4 giggs at a really respectable joint here in my city… I owe a lot of what i know to this blog… it has helped me tons in my beat production as well.

    Keep up the good work Ean and co.
    Kids need schooling too!

    Much blessings n Respect!


  • Alienboy15

    Excellent article, im new and been asking around and have gotten no help.
    You should sticky this thread and make it availble all the time so i can come back to it.
    Im now downloading a free trial from
    Thank you for the artice A+++
    Keep it growing for the newcomers, alot of people don’t want to help or take time and share knowledge, thanks for doing so.

  • Oquela

    I just got my nephew an M-Audio Mixlab w/torq LE for mac/PC….it’s a great intro into midi controlling dj software. Granted, the mixer is a bit plastic-y, but hey, it’s now $19.99! Originally it was over 100 bux, so it is a bargain.

  • Oy! What the hell is up with the negative comments. If you are a great guitarist and a kid comes up to you with a guitar he got on the cheap or from Best-Buy You don’t see the near the amount of negativity you see hear.  

    • hailey

      I agree what up with all the hate?.. its about coming together and helping each other… I found this a very helpful post as well this guy ean golden did a great job in my opionion.

      Music software for me was really tough!! But I did my research and found a program that was really good and pretty intuitive software I became pretty decent in a few days. Where I started when I was a beginner was from this website ( ) I wasn’t expecting it to be so great but it really surprised me and produced a solid sound.

      And now today Im more advanced and am still progressing with it. Even though all the na-sayers hate. And I still love what I do. Lets unite and have fun guys!

      OUCH! I just fell from the soap box LOL

  • tyler351

    i really appreciate all of the “kid focused” articles….. I’m 17 and this stuff really helps… lay off all you haters

    • deano

      haters go’n hate. doesn’t matter what you start on what you use, its just about the output.
      the company wont like it but even if you manage to get your hands on a “full version” some how o_0 its good to practice with what ever you can as much as you can.

  • Appreciative reader.

    Great article for beginners Ean. Keep up the good work man. Newcomers are important, they are the future!

  • Machete1349

    Let the kids find out the sotwares for themselves man
    its nice that you want to help but jajajja

    c’mon its playdo time or what

  • guest

    Djtt…..Senor Ean and Co. Thanks for all the great info you always give. – i have learn so much from you guys. Keep the hard-excllent work…..the only thing i miss are constructives feedback from the comment area…this could be and is a great opportunity for the people that post comment, to share in a positive way (i think is the only way) their knowledge too as you do. Thanks again
    Sorry for the english

  • Used

    The going rate for a used copy of Traktor Pro 2 seems to be around $100. It seems like there a quite a few listed in the for sale section at that price and it doesn’t look like theyre really selling too quickly.

  • Sanderr

    i think this article was nice. it was less: “buy this!” and more: “this is how to do it.”
    you guys should start doing more instructional articles/videos and also more mappings(a machine mapping would be nice!)

  • Erik Ev_L

    Right now, of you buy a NI Audio 2 DJ interface, and register by Dec 31st, NI gives you Traktor Duo 2 for free. Pretty sweet deal for some great software and hardware.

    Sorry if it’s already been mentioned.

  • Tonal Desires

    I can’t believe what’s going on with DJTT…

    It’s all about “Newcomers” and how to teach your parents what a controller is. I mean WTF.

    What about the mappings and stuff. What’s going on with the VCI 400 Mapping and the special DJTT Edition of the controller?

    This site is gettin’ lame.

    Hope you guys will go back the roots.

    Greetings from Germany.

    • Dj TechTools has always been about educating Djs of all experience levels and backgrounds. We dont discriminate at all. 90% of the articles here are aimed at people with experience but it makes a lot of sense to help out those who are just getting started as well. 

    • Facebook User

      I got into this business largely from djtt back in 08. The techniques taught influenced my development. Articles like these would have helped me figure out how to test the waters of dj’ing without putting too much money up front. I am now a mobile and club dj and I have to pay considerable taxes on the income I make from DJ’ing.

      These articles make a difference for the incoming community, and I try not to discriminate as I was there once too.

    • Dur

      New people need gear… Ean sells gear…. its difficult to sell a $900 dollar controller to a seasoned DJ who doesnt need it- But someone new who hangs on to your every word because Ean iz teh uberest youtube button masher,  can’t wait to hand over cash.

  • well played!

  • Anonymous

    The newest version on Mixxx (1.10beta) dropped last month and added a bunch of stuff: sample decks, beatgrids w/ quantization, improved library features and vinyl support, etc.

  • Tvinecke

    But be prepared kids.  As soon as you are lucky enough to gain residency you’ll quickly learn: A.) They don’t use any of the things (controllers, programs, soundcards) you are used to and B.) you’re ‘game’ in your bedroom and friends living room is not gonna cut it anymore. 
    So it’s simple – if you are interested past the point of this article and want to take it forward then find friends (or just like minded people) and practice on every piece of equipment you can get your hands on.  I would say anybody with residency should have at least 30+ hours behind two turntables and a pretty solid understanding of chaining and amplification (limiters, compressors, etc.).  Usually, having gone through these avenues you will have picked up an understanding that your taste in music needs to be met with that of the crowd you are serving; if you don’t have musical diversity you will (9 times out of 10) end up playing for your buddies at your house for fun.  If you follow those simple steps and gain residency I guarantee 6 months in you will be a completely different (and probably much better) DJ. 

    • seriously? who cares what you use in a club? only other dj´s. that´s it. the crowd couldn´t care less. as long as you keep the floor burning and don´t make a lot of big mistakes…

      • Tvinecke

        Really??  Setup with just a laptop and mouse – then setup with two TT’s or CDJ’s and see what the crowd thinks.  And that wasn’t even the point – the point is to be flexible with your setup.  A huge part of digital DJing is out-of-the-box problem solving when relating to sound routing and all other audio issues.  Also, when not familiar with your full audio chain it is soo sooooooo common for newer DJ’s to peak in one place or another along the signal path.  You think they wouldn’t notice that?  Red = Garbage sound = (generally) new DJ’s that haven’t seasoned themselves outside of their headphones in their room.

    • Dur

      from beginner to -> 30 hours on a turntable + a lesson on running sound = a residency?  Im a MMJ patient and i still cant figure out WTF your smoking. I’ve played several large venues on line-ups with expensive acts and every single time there has been a serato box (soundcard) and serato (software). its all in context i guess, if you wanna call playing a lil $2 PBR sh!thole that smells like piss and homeless people for 13 people every week a “residency”, then im sure your a Seasoned resident with   m a d   skeelz.

      • Tvinecke

        A residency is a residency – playing live in the mix in public is integral to growing as a live musician in any form.  Don’t be such an arrogant asshole and read a little further into the text.  People like you just wait to pounce, don’t you? 

        What I’m saying is be extremely flexible and knowledgeable about all the gear you are going to encounter.  Just because mommy and daddy bought you serato doesn’t make you a DJ, bud.  This is a community for interested and up-and-coming artist (by in large) so I was speaking to them – not the guys like you who try to piss on every new face in the game because you are ultimately intimidated by the next wave.  9 out of 10 people that walk into my club are oblivious how to connect to a rig outside of their own setup and I have a feeling you’d be one of them. 

        Anyways, I’m really proud of you for semi-anonymously attacking somebody that was trying to help newbies with some solid advice about practicing, getting their hands dirty with every piece of gear they can touch, and networking as opposed to going out buying top of the line gear and torrenting all the biggest anthems.  Now that I think of it I guess I did just give them a recipe for disaster… 

        • Dur

          You got called out for giving very bad, pointed advice to people who can’t read between the lines.  cry-4-me

          Your just angry and rambling..

          Ed Paris: “the crowd couldn´t care less. as long as you keep the floor burning and don´t make a lot of big mistakes…”

          You: “Really? Setup with just a laptop and mouse – then setup with two TT’s or CDJ’s and see what the crowd thinks”

          and then what you said to me ….

          “This is a community for interested and up-and-coming artist (by in
          large) so I was speaking to them – not the guys like you who try to piss
          on every new face in the game because you are ultimately intimidated by
          the next wave”

          You are me, by your logic. Stop talking shit about yourself, gawd.

          • Tvinecke

            You really only read what you want to, don’t you?  I’m over it.  Enjoy playing your festivals.

          • Dur

            im glad you stopped while you were….ahead.

  • Peri

    Buy Novation Twitch and you can work with Serato Itch 2.0
    BTW Ean you have not mentioned about Itch at all. May I know why?

  • Gonja

    Though controllers are popular these days due to price and ease of use, if you want to be taken seriously, get a pair of cdj’s and a mixer. JS

    •  watch this and then say people on controllers aren’t serious

    • if do not think controlerism is serious i think your on the wrong website

    • Logan

      hahaha your really funny…..wait that was a joke right?
       i love when people can be sooo narrowminded. take a look at djs like Porter Robinson. hes touring with people like tiesto using an S4. id like you to do some of the things that kid has done before you start telling people what makes you get taken seriously. lolololol

    • Your momma.

      It’s not what you’ve got, It’s how you use what you have. Always.

  • Cameh

    if you buy audio2dj i am quite sure you can upgrade to traktor pro 2 for 139

    • Its actually Traktor Duo 2 FREE with Audio 2. But the sale is only going on till the 31st and with Duo 2 the upgrade to Pro 2 is pretty cheap I think (Cheaper than $139)

  • Dax

    The end of this article basically spells out my journey into the new tech age. Formerly swore by vinyl + turn tables before stumbling upon this site which sparked so much curiosity. Experimented with a free application and immediately seen a new wide range of creative possibilities. This lead to a complete hardware change supported by an upgraded software program, years later I am still learning and this path is more fun than ever. Much credit goes to the DJTT team for their input which seems to keep the entire community on the edge of creativity. I strongly encourage any new reader to get their feet wet. 
    Ean, nice to hear you own a HercRMX as this was my first choice of hardware. Have you done any mods are creative mappings to share?

  • Micha

    It really is important for a (beginner) DJ to figure out and know which course he/she wants to take for the future.
    I’m missing some key “options” why the software bundles are differentiating themselves from other bundles apart from the price.

    – Deckadance can host VST plugins offering a plethora of options, not to mention it can be used as VTS plugin itself.
    – Virtual DJ Pro can mix videos
    – Traktor has the most versatile midi mapping options and good build in FX (options)


  • Djsquaretube

    Great article! It’s nice to see after the hate in the comments section last week! I hope beginners appreciate this series, because trying to find the best introduction into DJing can be very time consuming and expensive.

  • Am i wasting my money if i buy a tracktor audio 2 then upgrade to an S2 or S4? 

    • Djsquaretube

      It would be a waste yes but only if you’re sure you’re going to upgrade to the s2 or s4, rather than other controllers.

    • You actually can’t “upgrade” to an S2 or S4, I think. So you’re definitely wasting some money.. The S2/S4 has an integrated sound card so your Audio2 becomes unnecessary. But you can always sell your Audio2.

    • it depends. where are you planning to spin and do you have a midi Controller already? that is the big question. if you have a mixer already then going the audio 2 (and maybe kontrol X1) route is feasible. @ $99 the Audio 2 is VERY affordable. Also easy to pack and easy to use.
       If you got the change then just drop it on S2/S4. If not then a “bargin controller” (YES, Numark…I’m looking at you!) and a Audio 2 would do the trick.

  • TCMuc

    The downsides for Traktor Duo are only true for the “old” Traktor Duo (which you are showing in your screenshot). The new Traktor Duo 2 comes with 2 additional sample decks, each featuring 4 sample slots…

    Somehow this article feels like it’s been written last year… Not only aren’t the screenshots/descriptions of Traktor and Miyy up-to-date, but you completely left out Serato DJ Intro, which is also free an, besides being limited to certain controllers, a very good option for beginners…

    • Serato Intro is not free. You need a “qualified controller” to use it. That puts it in the $3-500 category which will be covered in the next article. 

      • Donmecz

        I also was gonna comment about serato, but honestly yeah, you need at least a numark mixtrak to dive into dj intro… not very user friendly as far as: ” I am poor and just wanna try your software before i spend next week’s grocery money on a controller just to try yo joint”


      • TCMuc

        I didn’t see it that way, but you’re right regarding beginners who don’t have anything yet. I somehow always thought Serato Intro would work without a controller and the limitation to certain controllers would only come into effect IF someone wanted to use a controller. (Basically very similar to VDJ Home, only that you don’t need an expensive upgrade if you buy a controller, as long as the controller is “qualified”)

        Nonetheless, for peolpe who allready have decided to buy a controller and are looking for the cheapest hardware/software-bundle Serato Intro is a good option, as it poses a valid (and free) alternative to the softwares in the article.

      • WarpNote

        Mixtrack pro is $250 at
        Even the “pro” name, lets be honest, its targetet at these customers…
        You even have the unit pictured in this article.

  • John Lee

    Mixxx “has not evolved much in the last year”.. yet the screenshot you posted is over a year old!

    Yea.. looks like nothing has changed in a year. LOL

    • Spacecamp

      Thanks for the note, John, I’ll amend the article to reflect this : ) 

  • Lucict

    Thank you for doing this article series. I recently started a forum topic about exactly this as I am trying to get started. This will really help lower my knowledge barrier to entry as to what kind of equipment I should pick up and the price points.

  • proben

    djay actually started as an os x app, not an ios app, I think. And it has MIDI mapping so it’s not true that traktor is the only avenue to cheap midi mapping.

    • Markku Uttula

      You are absolutely correct on this one. The iOS version was only
      released relatively short time ago compared to the time the product has
      been available (I believe the OS X -version is already on its fourth
      version at the time of writing).

    • Spacecamp

      Proben, thanks for the note. I’ve updated the article to reflect! 

  • tom

    traktor is not the only low price dj software with midi capability. mixxx has midi and its free

    • Spacecamp

      Tom! Good catch, I’ll note that as well. 

  • Djphatb

    i also found a free Mixvibes cross version in the apple apps store. i’ve been having great fun with it for days already.

  • jessevdriel

    What about “The One”?