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New Serato Video Plugin Announced for Scratch Live and ITCH

Serato Scratch Live and ITCH users have long awaited an update to the popular but aging Video-SL plugin for Scratch Live to bring video mixing to the next level, and it looks like they’ve gotten their wish today with the new Serato Video. While we’re still waiting on more details and screenshots from Serato HQ, the major features include increased MIDI controller support by the way of ITCH compatability, audio-based effects, and the ability to save effects along within a video file for recall. Keep reading for the full feature list! 

The blog post from Serato detailing Serato Video is brief but to-the-point. Launching in March 2012, Serato Video will be a free upgrade for current users of Video-SL, and for everyone else it will be available for $149. While naturally we’re most excited about seeing what opening up  new video features to MIDI controller users means for the world of video mixing on a large scale (MIDI controllers are our favorite, in case you hadn’t caught on yet), there are number of other features that are very much of note:

  • Audio responsive effects, including bass zoom and splits, that are controlled by analyzing the music signal.
  • Preview and manage video files in both the ITCH and Scratch Live offline players.
  • Use Video Instant Doubles to play the same video and effects on a second deck.
  • Store effects within each video file for instant recall.
  • Setup different output configurations (Output Only, L/R prefader or all 3 outputs) for greater flexibility when video mixing externally.
  • Utilize third party controllers with Serato Video’s MIDI control in Scratch Live.

Not a bad offering from Serato in terms of stepping up their game and moving to capitalize on on of the major features that Traktor lacks, video. But video mixing has long been a crowded playing field, with Atomix’s Virtual DJ having lead the way for many years, and a number of other more specialized VJ applications like Processing, Quartz Composer, Resolume and Modul8 taking up the more professional and dedicated video applications.

Let’s hear your thoughts on how way cool or not way cool this is in the comments below – does having MIDI-control well integrated into Serato make you more inclined to mix videos? 

  • Mozeyjay

    I mozeyjay am exited i have been longing for it because i have dj tech usb turntables .

  • I’m an owner of both Video SL and ITCH so this step is huge for me.
    But what get’s me really excited is the comment from Serato CEO Sam Gribben:

    “Serato Video is great evolution in our video development,” explains Sam Gribben, C.E.O. of Serato. “After a long time reworking the architecture, video has a better workflow, and even more importantly, a great foundation for future development. We’re very excited to be able to offer video to ITCH customers for the first time.”

  • DjBlast

    Don’t sleep on Mixvibes VFX. Great Dj video mixing software. Quartz Composer, Resolume and Modul8 are all VJ applications. Mixvibes VFX is a Dj application for mixing music videos. Serato VSL is cool but limited only to mp4 files.

  • Randyman

    I’ve had the Itch setup for a couple of years.  Love it or hate it, the thing has never crashed on me.  Never locked up.  I’ve been wanting to use it for video as well, which  can be accomplished in some minor ways using the VCI-300 as a MIDI controller for AVMixer.  Now, I can use a piece of software that’s actually designed to work with this controller.  Sorry haters, this is a good thing.

  • vjnikon

    until i can beatgrid video send it by syphon to vdmx module8 resolume or other vj software i dont care about this crap 

  • Houseincorporated

    Mixing video?

    Such a waste, you can only mix video for top 40.

    • Jakeintox

      …or use visualizations that move to the music, produce your own video content to fit your sets, incorporate live video feeds, scrolling text, text to screen, etc, etc…

    • Bear

      That’s not true at all. If you have some imagination and skill you can create your own visuals to run with VSL. Or you can run Quartz files that you make yourself. 

    • pods

      iv been makin videos not only for top 40s,… doing it for the last 4 yrs… i make videos even the music dont have a music video,. thats why final cut is a goot editng tool

  • DonmecZ

    <— willing to pay $149 for serato itch…. IF*** you could use any soundcard and any midi controller and map any parameter to my choosing like I CAN in traktor…. till then, I will save my hard earned…. thnx 😉

  • jprime

    Awesome!   Opens up a world of creativity 🙂

  • Djslam_55

    i wish Traktor do something simelar

    • It will… in due time, it will… But they will do it NI style ( whatever NI style means is beyond me, but it seems to work so far ).

  • Call me underwhelmed. Everything Serato does interests me about as much as everything Microsoft does.

    • Guesty

      traktor fanboy says what?

    • Methodamericon

      apple fanboy says what?

      • Lol. I actually prefer DJing on Windows 7 and by prefer I mean that is what I use. An OS is a tool. Both have their benefits, strengths and problems. I program on a Mac and DJ on a PC running Win7.

        I just don’t like anything Serato does. Their interface, products and crap are not for me. They bore me. Might as well just mix vinyl old school if you’re using Serato. It’s more enjoyable anyway.

        • Misterfaust

          The bass bump alone is worth it. Serato reigns for people like me who wanna rock vinyl but don’t have the time to sit around and mark records all day. I dig traktor tho, it just seems impractical from a typical club setting, same goes for serious technical scratching too. All the tricks, effects and routines that really excite me as a user and DJ always just annoy people in that kind of setting. And no, it’s not just me, it’s a combination of clubs typical restrictions, and how most people just want to hear the next Aoki, Avicii, or skrillex song/remix. The mass of people we cater to are just silly and usually don’t know better, but hell, I don’t care because if people are getting down, I’m loving it.

  • I have to say mix emergency is so much better.

  • Erikt6

    video for itch is huge, it may just cross me over to serato.  i wouldn’t refer to video mixing as crowded, It has really been 2 player game with only VirtualDJ and Serato VideoSL/MixEmergency.  I heard that Pioneer is not continuing their $2500+ VDJ players, so this is a game changer to people who mix music videos (no need to flame those that do this)

    • Muzikdj

      I also have the Pioneer DVJ and they are now collecting dust. Serato Video makes it a whole easier

  • -> Not a bad offering from Serato in terms of stepping up their game

    I guess so, if you mean by hyping features they released over 2 years ago?!  Seriously wtf

    • wakeup

      You obviously never used video SL and have not read about the new features.   The upgrade is huge, and having it in Itch now is massive.  

      • Actually, I already own it.  The features they list (other than Itch support which is nice for Itch users) is exactly the same as we already had.  Go do your homework before you tell me this is huge for us vsl users.

      • No my friend you don’t shit about video so you need to read “wakeup”. Todd Hardy you are 100% I have the Beta and there is nothing new other then ITCH support. They just renamed VSL and made it work with ITCH!

        • video for itch is a big deal and many djs want it. its quite obvious to everyone you’re only hating on it because you still BUT HURT over VSL. The truth shall set you free young man….lol

  • Video SL is now 99$ for the next two days. If you buy it you will receive the Video-plugin for free for once it’s released.

    •  what? makes no sense to be what you just said.

      buy video sl and get video plugin for free??? what!!!???

  • Easy Viewing

    So Happy about this teaser … Audio/Video mixing with a midi controler.
    I bought Video Sl 3 years ago, but come back on Traktor (my favorite) + Modul8 after 1 year of practicing Scratch Live with TTM 57.So I will probably go on Itch+Video plug on March with my NI S4…  or Xone DX     :)))

  • I don’t under how this is new… Serato VSL had Midi control in Scratch Live  for 3rd party controllers years ago. This is just a new name for for Serato VSL….. Come on people think! All that is new is video for ITCH. 

    • true

    • true

    • Sir, you completely hit the nail on the head! This is nothing more than a marketing scheme for Video SL. Put a new name ( or subtract part of it ) on an old software, and rebrand it for another old software and you get two old pieces of software working together for the first time, but no new features from either one… And to top it all, we have to wait until March for it to be available… I just have to correct you on one little point: this not a new video for ITCH, it is OLD Video for Itch.

      • Well from my understanding Itch never had video unless you area beta tester for Serato. I am a beta tester for Serato and I have seen Video SL work for Itch if you had the right beta version but for the masses no one has had video for ITCH. The only other way was you use a ITCH controller with V-DJ and that would be hacking the controller.