• Anonymous

    Any word on the resolution on the new Behringer or the Reloop Jog Wheels?

  • Roppell


  • Georgiatch141

    seriously where’s the QuNeo???

  • Tristan

    What happened to the EKS ‘lab’ controller?  I was really interested in that and it was meant to be on show at NAMM.

  • Zachs

    Just to clarify…

    Rane 61 – $1399
            62 – $1999
            62z – $2099

    Why the hard buttons?
    We invested a ton of time and money into the button/switch design on these mixers.
    They are rapid fire trigger switches with low travel and are highly durable.
    Soft rubber requires more pressure to active the switch and not the design that we believe works with these particular mixers.
    I would suggest having a go with them before posting negative comments.

    • Zachs

      Also.. the mixers will be available at the end of February:)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Brian-Rowe/768697353 Brian Rowe

    Queno… yeah. Moving on.
    Those Behringer modular devices are exactly what I’ve been hoping for, and how more companies should approach controllers. Often, it’s like you’re stuck buying more product than you wanted in a single controller, or you buy cheapo toys that’ll break in two months.

    • Jesr

      yea but to buy 4 is 800$ plux tax and shit

  • Geoffromabove

    I like the KS-1974…just because Freebird is blaring in the background 

  • Kartwell

    Hi,video of “dragon 2”  doesn’t work??

  • Rodrigo Hernandez

    You missed the iPad controller by numark, that one for me was kind of innovative

  • Anonymous

    Joachim Garraud uses a keytar and he rocks it!

  • Episkopos

    Where’s the QUNEO???

  • Episkopos

    Where’s the QUNEO???

  • Encephalous Episkopos

    Where’s the QUNEO???

  • Encephalous Episkopos

    Where’s the QUNEO???

  • Anonymous

    Hey I remember a UFO like marketing teaser video of a controller (or something) before NAMM. What was it in the end?


    • http://twitter.com/wacosta William Acosta

      That was for the Behringer CDM controllers.

  • Hillyern

    how about some tutorials of MASCHINE!!!!! 

  • AA

    You mention you need AA batteries for the Korg’s mini Kaoss Pad. Get some Sanyo eneloop batteries, they are amazing, rechargable and they keep their charge for months.

  • Bastian Hertel

    You guys  totally missed the QuNeo

    • Anonymous

      This was in my top 5 most exciting products at NAMM, I think it’s an excellent concept and a gorgeous device.

      • Bastian Hertel


        for me its the only real innovative controller this year at namm

  • Matrix

    hi, wasn’t DJTechtools supposed to present a brand new product at NAMM?

  • TJP

    Thanks for the great coverage of NAMM DJ TechTools!  Quick question, any news on the EKS Lab?

  • http://twitter.com/delaeasy Delaeasy