• Agree with pretty much everyone else: overpriced and nearly useless gadget.

  • 5kip

    Does running Rec. in any internal mixer like Serato or Tracktor, do anything to the overall quality of the mix. Or does it do anything to anything else that may be running?

  • audiomontana

    add a quality preamp and wav recording capability and youve got a nice vinyl ripper with headphone output

  • Cool in theory, but not really practical in reality. No battery power, no internal storage and only a minijack option… AT $100 for get it… I’d rather record internally or route a the record output (or even master) back in to my audio interface. PASS

  • Michael Cullen

    I’m a BIG fan of Reloop stuff, and I’m really disappointed with this tbh… it’s far too hipster to be worth anything, let alone $129.

  • Dj JustEnuf

    Will use this when it comes available for sale. Nice product

  • antifm

    with the exception of the IN + OUT ports, we can do most of this on our smartphones already. yes i do agree the price is WAY too high. i have purchased beat-around devices like this for $9 (elsewhere) and they have as much as a 4 gig memory. Now throw in the but IN + OUT ports and im still not seeing the need for it to be $100 or even close to it.
    The bottom line is for me that the technology is so easy to develop on this because it already exists *the components* so its not like a couple companies cant make a joint device on this one, mass produce it, and drive the price down to a SMASHING $45 device at most.

  • JuanSOLO

    Why not just a plain old actual tape recorder. Super cheap, sound great.

  • mm

    Santiago is on the right track. Been thinking about something like that for awhile now. It would be a great promo tool.

  • Bernardo Attias

    Great concept and design but fail in implementation. If it had internal (or card) storage and battery power and was about $40-50 I would consider one. As it is I have a perfectly fine hand-held recorder with many more features (though lacking the phono pre) and internal+card storage. But I rarely even use that except for field recordings; for recording DJ sets I already have a sound card and software, as will most DJs who use computers for DJing. And no battery means I can’t even use it for field recording. I absolutely love the tape design but no way I’d buy this thing as anything but a gimmick (and even then it would have to be much less than half its current price).

  • most dj software does this internally ANYWAYS… this should be a $20 MAYBE $30 TOPS item. $130 is fucking insulting for technology that is 10+ years old

  • lance

    pretty dumb when you can buy a good field recorder for around the same price on amazon!

  • Nice Gadget! I loved it from the first second.
    BUT !!!
    what it needs is definately a rechargeable accu, internal storage (at least 4 GB) AND two little micros to record stereo live sound from the booth including screams and whistles from the crowd, of course wit hthe option to enable oder disable this feature.

  • So very many alternative ways of recording seems a bit gimmicky… not one for me

  • Morpse

    I use a zoom h1 for this. 30 bucks cheaper, records to a micro sd, and can be a usb sound card in a pinch.

  • I would love if this device could be turned into a MP3 player as well and was cheap enough that I could buy many of them to record my Sets in them and hand out to my fans and to some promoters. Only then I would buy them! Let’s make one like this DJTT!!!

  • Aside from the ground post for easy vinyl to mp3 conversion, this seems like an overpriced and less-than-revolutionary device. I think this would be a good choice at the $49 price point. Otherwise most DJ’s would be better off buying one of the many handheld recorders out there that offer more bang for the buck. Most of these have a stereo line in as well as build in stereo mics and mic inputs. As well as the ability to select compression formats and bitrates, etc.

    Personally I have a Sony PCM-M10 that’s great for recording DJ gigs, impromptu jam sessions and even bootlegging live concerts. It’s a more expensive option though. The Zoom H1 might be a good alternative. It’s a lower cost product than the reloop…and you get a few added features that could be handy like stereo mics, uncompressed recording, digital display, and battery power. The H1 records 10 hours on 1 AA battery. My PCM-M10 easily does 20 hours on 2 AA’s.

  • Technologear?

    I can see how this is useful if you don’t use a laptop, but if you do, consider Reaper. I use the Aux out of my mixer into the Line In socket of my laptop via a male RCA to male 1/8 stereo cable, with Reaper DAW software recording the output. It’s cheap software and has all the controls of a typical DAW: I can control gain levels, record in WAV, trim the set length or edit in a fade out at the 70 min mark, and export to any format I like. It’s only one extra cable and my 2011 Macbook Pro doesn’t raise a sweat with Reaper running concurrently with Traktor for 3+hours. Just make sure you have plenty of hard drive space. I wouldn’t do this on a laptop with an inferior internal soundcard though. Food for thought

    • If you’re running Traktor, why not just use Traktor to record? Set your recording device to be the input of your MacBook Pro, and you can control and monitor gain level, trim edit points on the fly and record to WAV… without having to run a separate app. Sure, Reaper (among others, like the free Audacity) won’t exactly tax your system when running concurrently with Traktor, but why do it at all? (honest question)

  • Anonymous

    cool little device but i feel as if i could break that before taking it out of the packaging,,, thus could never consider spending 129 on it haha