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  • Stephen Dallas

    anyone know if I could add and external drumpaad to this in tracktor, and how

  • iddison68

    Does anyone know if the efx work in the same way in Full serato dj as they do in intro please?

  • double g.

    i can record and save the mix with serato dj intro with numark mixtrack pro 2?


    Btw i got it at SIX STAR DJ they have it at a really low price.


    I just got it few days ago and i got to say it, The NUMARK MIXTRACK PRO II is my favorite i just love it.

  • is perfect…

  • i like

  • gupvis

    if you ask me if it is a nice controller( i have got a numark mixtrack pro 2) i would surely answer yes( if a made any spelling mistakes is that because i’am dutch)

  • javier.d.alonso

    i see no mention of slicer… no support for ‘slicer’ on the pads??

  • Mr. Hasty

    Still no gains or dedicated filter knobs. IMO, not having filters makes a piece useless.

    • gupvis

      yes it has no dedicated filter knobs but there are LPF and HPF effects

  • Mr.Confused

    Is it just me that doesn’t understand 2 headphone outs?

  • Im sorry but soft feel drum pads are not a matter of choice, if it has give then it probably has room in between the pad and the actual MIDI sensor. Either they hit back or there not hitting tight enough. I had this problem with the Akai MPK 61, and its “MPC quality drum pads”. Bottom line is I own a Maschine now.. just saying if those pads are anything like what is on the MPK, the unit is not worth it at all.

    • sss18734

      The Akai drum pads can be easily modified to be just as responsive as the Machine’s. Not sure why the stock units have as much give them as they do…

      • Ya but I shouldn’t have to open my unit up to make it what it should have been from the box..

    • Mark

      Akai’s MAX series and new MPC Ren and Studio have far better pads than the pads found on the MPK series, although the MPK’s are certainly tank-like controller keyboards.

  • what a shame, the jogs were the best selling feature of the mixtrack. if they’d dropped the price by 100, these would sell like crazy, but nobody gonna want it at the pp.

    • Spacecamp

      Odds are that you’ll see retailers selling this for just over 200 – like the Juno link at the top of the article that has it listed for $222

  • Not for 300 Bones dude…

  • camomillo

    the reloop beatmix costs less and provides the same features plus mic input and booth output, in a great classical 2 deck design. I made a mapping for traktor that suits me and all I can say is that it is awesome. Better than this mixtrack pro 2

    • Mark

      Mixtrack Pro II has a mic input – just no booth out.

      Beatmix should cost less… no pads, looks very small.

  • Spook

    Seems to lack gains.

  • Not_Sean

    Real improvement over the last one, but one thing.. Why is it that the SSX is been hailed as this revolutionary controller, It came after the Novation Twitch and it two steps behind it.

    I really would love to know why when ever these Serato DJ Controllers are mentioned the Twitch is always left out ?

    • KIO

      Simple: SSX was designed for SDJ and SDJ was designed for SSX. TwITCH was designed for ITCH not for SDJ. Therefore SSX is the benchmark to which all SDJ controllers are compared.

    • Toastmonster

      Although the Twitch and SSX are similar in pad usage the SSX has jog wheels which doesn’t eliminate a huge chunk of customers. It also has just about a million other controls on the unit too. It really has everything any DJ would need to play out comfortably.

    • Spacecamp

      We’re awaiting Twitch compatibility to be rolled out to Serato DJ – it’s very much been a unit left behind in the dust for the moment. Serato estimates “Spring 2013” as the update for Twitch users..