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5 Productivity-Boosting Apps For DJs + Producers

In the digital age, it’s simple for DJs, performers, and producers to access resources and information for improving, learning, sharing or making music. However, this vast world of information can become distracting and as a result, it’s easy to be unmotivated in our respective art forms. You may remember these DJ power utilities posted a while back – in that vein, here are five solid pieces of software that will enhance creativity and productivity in the studio, at home, and out gigging.

 #1: Evernote (Win, OSX, Web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone)


“I come up with music, blog and twitter ideas at the weirdest times. I can tag those random memories with enough detail so that I can find exactly what I’m looking for when I sit down at the computer to blog or organize my music and production ideas.” – DJ Limelight [via Evernote Blog]

If you haven’t heard of Evernote before, you’re waking up on the wrong side of the internet. This powerhouse note taking application (with a user base of over 50 million strong) takes your creative ideas to a new level, allowing structured organisation of any information you can imagine. The concept behind this program is to have different notebooks for different needs, and to create different notes in these notebooks. To top it all off, it syncs seamlessly between all your devices. For people like us who are constantly involved with music, it may be used to keep track of:

  • Songs you overheard and liked
  • Production techniques that caught your eye
  • Notes on things to change in playback
  • Things that worked/didn’t work in your set
  • Big tracks that were working well on the dancefloor

The best part is, you can get all of it for free! If you want a bit of added functionality, you can pay $5.99 a month to become a premium user, which gets you some extra storage, security features, advanced searching features and much more.

#2: Auganizer (OSX Only)


“This has changed my life.” – Steve Angello [via Twitter]

If you couldn’t guess from the name, this quality piece of software allows Mac users to coordinate their Audio Units (AU) anyway that is desired, whether it be your plugin names or categories. It uses a very familiar OSX-esque layout with a Cover Flow display of all your graphical plugin interfaces. In the list section, the plugin’s version, sub folder, 32/64-bit nature and much more customisable information is represented in a familiar Apple layout.

The full version does come at a price of $34.99, but you can try a free demo here, which allows the modification of up to 10 Audio Units. On a positive note, the program additionally boasts support for Logic, Ableton Live, Maschine, Garageband, Mainstage and a variety of other AU-hosting DAW’s.

#3: ToneDen (Web Only)


”I really do believe in what the guys at ToneDen are doing.” – ill.GATES [via ToneDen Blog]

From a team out of Berkley, CA, comes the new online platform for artist profiling and analytics: ToneDen. This fresh online service solves one of the contemporary artist’s biggest problems: social media organisation. Offering a professional website with the ultimate freedom of design and name customisation, and time-related metrics from 4 of the biggest social media platforms for artists (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud) you can’t go too wrong here. Artists now have one place that they can track their followers, likes and subscribers in one compact and minimalistic area.

They have also incorporated a new concept of what they like to call the ‘one-sheet’, which in essence is an online press release to show to managers, booking agencies, labels, blogs and other people you will encounter within the music industry. All you need is a SoundCloud account, and you get the basic statistics and full website customisation, or you can splash on their $5/month (or $50/year) plan to get custom domain routing, an automatic one sheet generator and a broader range of social media stats.

#4: Cold Turkey (Win Only)


Ever tried to practice for your gig, or get to work on that next tune, but the distractions on your computer get you out of focus? Well if you’re on Windows, then this program may just be your salvation. Cold Turkey is a smart piece of software that promotes productivity by blocking websites and programs of your choice at any time of the day. It works by prompting you to enter a list of websites and installed applications to block, and for what times during the week (in half-hour sessions).

Warning: Once the blocking days are set and the software activated – your computer prevents you from accessing those sites for a minimum of a week, and unless you have a history of computer hacking, it is extremely hard to stop. During the time period you can add more websites and programs to block, as well as more time slots, but not take away. So do you want your daily distraction-free production hour? Cold Turkey has got you covered.

The software is free for download but there is an option to donate and to split the donation between the creator, Felix Belzile and the Against Malaria Foundation.

Oh and if you’re on a Mac, here is an alternative.

#5: Basic Audio Programs (Audacity, AudioHijack)


You may remember Mad Zach’s video on how to build unique Ableton Drum Racks by sampling off the internet. The same principle can be applied for general, audible inspiration. Since we are exposed to so much audio on the internet everyday, why not record it, back it up and listen back to it for inspiration later on down the line?

It might be a section of a killer song heard on Spotify, or a tip from a YouTube video tutorial, but once it’s recorded, it’s there for easy access and inspiration, and to sample for your live sets or productions. To set it up for both Mac and PC, watch the video linked above. You can download Audacity here, and Audio Hijack has a demo version that overlays noise over recordings that exceed 10 minutes, but you can purchase the full version for a price tag of $32.

Have you stumbled across any other awesome pieces of software that make your life easy as a Producer, Controllerist or DJ? Or do you have any pro-tips for using any of the services above in unique and helpful ways? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Datch

    A simple audio recording app on your smartphone to whistle and remember melodies that come to your mind.

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  • Fatlimey

    I like single purpose tools. I have recently been enjoying Sample Librarian for juggling my collection of 2000+ hits and percussion samples. It does nothing more than make auditioning a sound as wasy as using the down arrow, but it’s made creating sample sets from a depressing pain into a joy.

    • Aden Russell

      This is actually really cool! Do you know of any other similar ones that you don’t need to pay for?

    • dadarkman

      I think at some point Sonicwire’s Mutant will become a polished enough software to beat out Sample Librarian (If it hasn’t beat it out already). Not much of development has happened to Sample Librarian.

      Funny thing is that your comment led me to check KVR, and someone at KVR mentioned Mutant, which I used in its early stage. Well, I went back to check them out and it seems that they stepped up the features on the software. Worth giving a shot again!

  • Memay

    I’m not referring to mixing, but all you *need* is Ableton Live. Most djs will never figure this out, and will continue to be just another carbon copy.

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  • Cathy

  • Dan Kuida

    Cold turkey actually based on the idea of Pomodoro technique and can work great in collaboration with focus booster

  • Ofo Barher

    i don’t know exactly what Cold Turkey does, but for OS X there’s this app called SelfControl that blocks any website you want for the time you want.

    • Aden Russell

      Yeah, it’s actually linked in the article at the bottom of that section 🙂

  • René via ‘Allo ‘Allo

    This may be a basic one, however as most of my web time is on my iPhone, I use the ‘read later’ function all the time.

    It’s useful for the kind of things that I guess I’d use Evernote for, without the need to have an app. That being said I also use the notes app for typing up any ideas for tracks/track listings.

    Again on iOS is song2email. You can email from your iTunes library. This is useful for sending ideas I’m working on to others, from my phone, if I’m out and about. Not really on topic I guess but it’s been useful to me in recent months, and on the road.

  • Pen and paper!

  • Toontown

    Every once in a while, an app like Augenizer comes along and makes me slap my forehead for not thinking of it first. That is an extremely useful app, judging by its looks.

  • CUSP

    I like what Tone Den is doing, and it’s useful, but the “one-sheet” is not their original idea. I’ve seen these in the legal, and financial industries, and they were taken from the movie reference (see this source as a reference).