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  • Fatlimey

    I like single purpose tools. I have recently been enjoying Sample Librarian for juggling my collection of 2000+ hits and percussion samples. It does nothing more than make auditioning a sound as wasy as using the down arrow, but it’s made creating sample sets from a depressing pain into a joy. http://www.ryaudio.com/download.html

    • Aden Russell

      This is actually really cool! Do you know of any other similar ones that you don’t need to pay for?

    • dadarkman

      I think at some point Sonicwire’s Mutant will become a polished enough software to beat out Sample Librarian (If it hasn’t beat it out already). Not much of development has happened to Sample Librarian.

      Funny thing is that your comment led me to check KVR, and someone at KVR mentioned Mutant, which I used in its early stage. Well, I went back to check them out and it seems that they stepped up the features on the software. Worth giving a shot again!

  • Memay

    I’m not referring to mixing, but all you *need* is Ableton Live. Most djs will never figure this out, and will continue to be just another carbon copy.

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  • Cathy

  • Dan Kuida

    Cold turkey actually based on the idea of Pomodoro technique and can work great in collaboration with focus booster

  • Ofo Barher

    i don’t know exactly what Cold Turkey does, but for OS X there’s this app called SelfControl that blocks any website you want for the time you want.

    • Aden Russell

      Yeah, it’s actually linked in the article at the bottom of that section 🙂

  • René via ‘Allo ‘Allo

    This may be a basic one, however as most of my web time is on my iPhone, I use the ‘read later’ function all the time.

    It’s useful for the kind of things that I guess I’d use Evernote for, without the need to have an app. That being said I also use the notes app for typing up any ideas for tracks/track listings.

    Again on iOS is song2email. You can email from your iTunes library. This is useful for sending ideas I’m working on to others, from my phone, if I’m out and about. Not really on topic I guess but it’s been useful to me in recent months, and on the road.

  • Pen and paper!

  • Toontown

    Every once in a while, an app like Augenizer comes along and makes me slap my forehead for not thinking of it first. That is an extremely useful app, judging by its looks.

  • CUSP

    I like what Tone Den is doing, and it’s useful, but the “one-sheet” is not their original idea. I’ve seen these in the legal, and financial industries, and they were taken from the movie reference (see this source as a reference). http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_sheet