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The History Of DJ TechTools

With DJ TechTools now at 10 years online, people often ask how things got started and what events led to the creation of this website. For all of our new readers who have not been here since 2007, we recorded the full history so everyone can enjoy it and understand why we began building this amazing DJ community online.


by Ean Golden (founder)

I started DJing in 1996 and with the very first mix decided it would be my life’s work.  In 2001, I switched to digital technology and started djing exclusively with controllers and laptops, overcoming many early technical hurdles in the process.  As others began to also explore this new realm of creativity, I shared my experience and knowledge through videos, articles and online tutorials with 3 core ideals:

  • Knowledge will be shared. Everything we or others know about DJing should be available and free
  • Everyone is welcome. There should not be any divisions between DJs along technical or musical lines.
  • We will always be helpful and positive. The negative, cliquey vibes of past forums and DJ shops would not be continued

In 2008,  my early inventions landed me at NAMM – the sales mecca of DJ gear and technology. On the floor of that trade show, there was a big ugly gap between the passion of DJs like myself and the industry which served them. I saw a need for a company driven by passion for the art of DJing – not profits, distributors and retailers.

The mission gained traction quickly with the first videos and articles going viral and a steady stream of visitors realizing they too could become DJs thanks to this online community and readily available controllers. In 2009 we released our first original controller, a collaboration with Vestax called the VCI-100 Special Edition. The initial run sold out in under an hour, proved that we were truly onto something and established the template for DJ TechTools.

  • Invent original hardware that solves real needs for DJs in creative ways
  • Make the tools fun, playful and easy to use
  • Build everything on a foundation of online community, education and collaboration.

These principles have been imbued in all products we have designed, manufactured or invented including:

Today we continue our mission to Help, Inspire and Teach people how to get more out of music technology every day by publishing deep dive reviews, video tutorials and with amazing interviews with cutting edge artists.

How can you support DJ TechTools? Make your DJ purchases in our online store. All profits from those sales go directly into our editorial content and product design efforts including the YouTube channel which has published over 350 free video tutorials!

Here is a deeper dive into these products and the twists and turns over the last 10 years:

  • Ryan Hirschberg

    Wow, had no idea the history of djtt. I am brand new to dj’ing( kontrol s5 and f1), so i don’t have the history of gear that all you do. but i happened about djtt through you tube, watching videos to understand the art of digital dj’ing. love the site, the products, the online sales help, the discounts, and all the info. thanks for making a great dj hub for newbies and masters alike.

  • Luca Toderini

    Un gran saludo desde Chile, Thanks for your hard work

  • Feffen

    Sick of sites putting up 20 min videos. Hire someone to transcribe the damn thing. Most people I know view sites like this one at their day job while they work. Id love to hear the history, but who has 20 min to sit there listening? Transcribed text would allow those of us who browse during the dayjob to read at will. Seems every website lately thinks people would rather watch a video than read. Web videos that are longer than 4-5 min usually get X’ed out with the quickness.

  • tr4gik

    Best site, blog n store , discovered so many good things here. This is the result when you make things with passion n love. Congratz Ean

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  • Happy Birthday DJ TechTools!!! THX for all the fun, and keep up the good work! Simon Iddol (MOARRR aka AudioPorn Central)


    hats off

  • While we are going down memory lane…. This just goes to show, it isn’t the controller, but the person using it that makes the real difference.

  • I got a lot of inspiration from DJTechtools. Thanks for that Ean and the community! Enjoyed the video. Keep up the great work!

  • RogueDJ

    glad to be apart of the history and I look forward to seeing (and playing) what comes next!

  • killmedj

    Awesome brother! Here’s to many more years!

  • UGLimusic

    Ean, this was a very touching video about an adventure driven by passion, fueled by a community. I really wish you all the best for the years to come and… give a nostalgic look to my midifighter in it’s custom made box.

  • Masta Blasta


  • Alligator

    I’ve been following this site sense 2007. I bought the VCI 100 mod, midi template skins, Midifighter. The whole meal deal.
    From resources on this site and help from the community I was able to build a successful DJ career in my local city. I am now a dedicated producer and have been lucky enough to score some Beatport Top 100’s and have gotten signed to various labels. Hopefully one day I can travel the world and move on to the next stage of my career and be able to do what I love full time. It all starting from DJTT years back….Mad Respect! You guys influenced me so much.

    • That’s amazing to hear Alligator, it’s been such a cool thing to watch people come up through the ranks over the years. Now many of you are out touring the world! 🙂

  • Chris Wunder

    I had no idea you had so much to do with some of the other controllers like the novation dicer. I know for a fact I wouldn’t have gotten the info I needed to be successful if it wasn’t for dj techtools. Thanks Ian for creating such an awesome environment.

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  • JB
    • JB

      L.O.L. Ean!!!! I sip D.J.techtools with my java every morning. Love the site, appreciate the dedication. D.J. Tech has taught me a lot and the forums are Excellent. Thanks &
      Keep rockin that Deep House!!!!!!

    • David De Garie-Lamanque

      love that video! seeing this and Moldover’s frankenstein-controller video really turned me on the path of controllerism!

  • Josh B

    Great But wheres the Deep House D.J.@

  • Tomii Forsythe

    05-06-2008 join date! damn didn’t realize when i was send emails about my VCI 100 upgrade it was only you doing all this work! Good job brother!

  • Tomii Forsythe

    LMAO!! “we went to town on the knob…”

  • I can remember the time well as a lot of their do it yourself Controller presented the Forum … then it became commercially. It makes no sense to develop its own controller today. This is proof that digital DJing & controllerism need not to hide. Thanks for everything Ean & Djtechtools team!

  • hago

    sure about mad zach inventing finger drumming? how can one know?

  • Dean Zulueta

    I got into DJing when I was in middle school thanks to this site. Ean’s tutorials are what allowed me to create my own DJ business and become the DJ I am today. I am ecstatic to be a contributor to the blog and I can’t wait to see where the site and community goes from here!

  • Gu3d3Z

    All respect for Djtechtoos and Ean Golden, this is a big school for some Dj like me. I hope see for more, more time a go. Congratulation from Brazil

  • jay-z

    Thanks Ean and DJTT for your contributions to DJ’s around the world! You even went out of your way to send me my first VCI-100, when I really needed it! I believe in your ideas, and you stand behind your products, so naturally I’ll do the same for DJTT. Congrats…

  • Miguel Baluyut

    DAMN SON, I knew Ean Golden designed controllers, but I didn’t know he helped design the S2, S4, and the Vci-400. Good on ya Ean.

  • Jake Bergeson

    What a rad journey it must’ve been so far, and what a great story! Truly inspiring Ean. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be a DJ today without Ean Golden. Thank you for all that you do!!

  • dayum-son

    I dunno why but 2002 Ean looks kinda like Egoraptor not gonna like

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  • Stan Graves

    Thank you for allowing all of us to tag along on your journey, and for the inspiration to void the warranty and do a little tinkering of our own.

    Weren’t there also some bag designs along the way?

  • Inspiring for everybody thanks Ean Golden, one of the biggest pioneer’s of the digital dijing #DreamsArePosible

  • calgarc


  • kristof

    Thank you Ean for making DJing today possible the way i am learning it
    A lot of respect from Berlin to SF and hope you keep your work up love the blog and the videos!

  • Dennis Olivieira

    Nice, Ean keep on the good work.

  • empollica

    Thanks Ean!! you and your team do an amaizing job day by day!! thanks!!

  • Prof_Strangeman

    I jump on board the train right about the time of the Midi Fighter DIY. Without DJTT I would not be the moderately successful and progressing DJ that I am today. From the tutorials, to the reviews to the gear store it’s all been helpful, but none more than the forums. 100’s of questions answered of mine and now I’m mainly a contributor.

    I am quite disappointed that the whole MF Pro series was wiped over. It was my favorite series of the MF. I own both the series that was up for normal sale and two of the LE 30mm fighters. Wish they would have got a mention.

    • gigglekey

      Miss the customizable MF Pro!

  • Miguel Martinez

    I bought my MF3d two years ago aprox. I do not regret at all. It is a unique piece in my studio and one that more use. I practice every day digital percussions. The operation is the same from day one when unpack it. It has given countless hours of fun and entertainment. The buttons react impeccable. Strongly recommended for anyone who wanted to finger drumming. I hope you guys can see my Christmas video. Ean thanks for such a wonderful conroller, This gear it’s definitely part of musical history.

  • Miguel Martinez

    I bought my MF3d two years ago aprox. I do not regret at all. It is a unique piece in my studio and one that more use. I practice every day digital percussions. The operation is the same from day one when unpack it. It has given countless hours of fun and entertainment. The buttons react impeccable. Strongly recommended for anyone who wanted to finger drumming. I hope you guys can see my Christmas video on my profile. Ean thanks for such a wonderful conroller, This gear it’s definitely part of musical history.

  • vladimir prieto

    i been follow DJTT since the first VCI-100 mod.

    i really enjoy watching the history of DJTT.

    congratulations Ean!

  • w00t

    Wow, watching the video I realized I’ve been coming here since the beginning, ’cause I remember those videos with the vanilla VCI-100!
    God I feel old.. 😛
    Long live djtechtools!

  • Big respect to DJ Tech Tools. I was Dj’ing with vinyl from 1993 through to 2005 when I had my first child. My room with my beloved 1210’s and record collection had to go to make way for the nursery and so no longer had any room to ply my trade….. In 2007 I found DJTechtools…bought a Vestax VCI, MacBook I could set it up and start playing in under two minutes anywhere in the house!! Amazing!! I have continued to DJ ever since including getting a residency on the radio twice a month and now also produce my own tracks (soundcloud = 1000 Cutts) .. I still visit the site including the forums at least three times a week..Well done Ean and the crew..Here is to another 8 years..

  • deejae snafu

    Glad djtt made it and glad to be part of the community!

  • Jester

    Cheers Ean & Crew for everything. Since my earliest ventures as a complete noob to the dizzying heights of drunken button bashing, here’s to you all !
    Regards, Jesse (AKA Jester, the banhammer of Thor)

    • Let’s add a few more happy years off modding than, aye. 😉