Holiday Gift Guide for DJs & Producers: 2016 Edition

The winter holidays are upon us! With the holidays comes a season of gift-giving to the people who matter to you. Whether you need to find gifts for your DJ friends, studio producer colleagues, or even just ideas for hints to send to your parents or relatives, we’ve put together another holiday gift guide for your use.

Low Cost DJ Stocking Stuffers (<$50)


Headphone Adapter 5 pack

  • Price: $5.99 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: every DJ ever
  • Why it’s a great gift: You can’t mix what you can’t hear and this missing link between mixer and headphones goes missing surprisingly often. Gift these by the handful to DJs everywhere.

v-modaearplugsReusable Earplugs for DJs

  • Price: $20 (in the DJTT storeother options)
  • Ideal for: DJs who don’t want to lose their hearing
  • Why it’s a great gift: Tinnitus is a serious concern for regular DJs. Being half-deaf by age 30 isn’t cool, nor is stopping DJing due to doctors orders. Avoid a sad fate, and grab a pair of these, and maybe a backup too.


USB 3.0 64 GB “Survivor” Flash Drive

  • Price: $35 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: CDJ DJs who kill flash drives easily
  • Why it’s a great gift: This flash drive is particularly useful due to its rugged design among less durable equivalents. Think of this as a cheap insurance policy and an opportunity to DJ whenever the option presents itself.


Chroma Cables

  • Price: $12.50 each on sale for $10 each (DJTT store)
  • Ideal for: All DJs using a controller, soundcard, or laptop
  • Why it’s a great gift: these are the best USB cables for DJs. Color code your gear and eliminate noise issues using audio optimized USB cables.



Disco Ball

  • Price: $14+ (many options on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: fun-loving DJs
  • Why it’s a great gift: The more disco balls you have in a 10-foot radius, the happier you’ll be. Okay, there’s no science behind this. Disco balls are just awesome.



Headphone Patent Poster

  • Price: $20 (on Etsy)
  • Ideal for: Design-minded headphone lovers?
  • Why it’s a great gift: It’s a cool poster with multiple angles of headphones. It looks cool. Perfect for sprucing up some bare studio walls, perhaps?



808/909/303 Pillow Case

  • Price: $7 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: Passionate DJ-producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: The 303, 808, and 909 are the machines electronic music was built on. What better way to start and end the day than with a reminder of the origin of almost every dope techno track?

necklaceBoombox Necklace

  • Price: $29 (on Etsy)
  • Ideal for: fashionable DJs
  • Why it’s a great gift: This is really a conversation starter that screams, “Hey, I love music. Let’s talk”. It’s also better than socks.



Chroma Caps 

  • Price: $3 each on sale for $2 each (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: DJs with lots of gear
  • Why it’s a great gift: Labelling functions by color using Chroma Caps help prevent dancefloor killing mistakes. They fit most gear so check out our pre-approved gear list to confirm they fit yours.

Medium Cost Digital DJ Gifts ($50+)


Crane Stand Plus

  • Price: $79.99 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: Mobile and club DJs
  • Why it’s a great gift: DJ booths always seem to be cramped. Make use of vertical space with this stand. Also works great for improving a home setup so you’re not hunched over.



Mogami RCA Cables

  • Price: $60-100/pair (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: Super-cable conscious DJs
  • Why it’s a great gift: Behind headphone adapters, extra cables are always great to have on hand. These extremely high-end cables buy you piece of mind with a lifetime warranty, extremely high build quality, and gold plated tip.


Zoom H1

  • Price: $99 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: Performers, to record gigs. Producers, to record samples
  • Why it’s a great gift: Recording your DJ sets is one of the best opportunities to improve your mixing. Powered by just one AA battery, this doubles as a portable field recorder


Pocket Operators Synths

  • Price: $60 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: Producers who travel
  • Why it’s a great gift: This is a super fun way to sketch out musical ideas and have more fun during a boring commute or airport layover. Getting a portable battery-powered synth or drum machine for $60 is a steal.


Iso Acoustic Monitor Stands

  • Price: $110 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: DJ/Producers with home setups
  • Why it’s a great gift: Adjusting your studio monitor to match your ear height greatly improves sound due to the relatively small sweet spot of studio monitors . These compact and adjustable height monitor stands fit on almost any desk.

Higher-end Digital DJ Gifts ($150+)


Great DJ Headphones: V-Moda M-100s 

  • Price: $249 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: DJs who love solid stereo separation in headphones
  • Why it’s a great gift: These headphones do a superb job reducing noise in loud environments, are built extremely well, have a generous warranty, replaceable parts, removable cables, a splitter cable, and hard case.


Traktor Kontrol S2

  • Price: $399 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: Newer DJs
  • Why it’s a great gift: The S2 is a budget-friendly starter controller with all the essentials you need to start DJing – software, hardware, a set of essential controls, and a soundcard to send audio out to your speakers.


Subpac M2

  • Price: $349 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: Anyone who loves bass
  • Why it’s a great gift: This doubles as a technical mixing tool to massively improve low-end clarity in your productions or DJ mixes. It is also incredibly fun for listening to music with. It looks a bit silly until you try it – feeling is believing.


Yamaha HS 5/7/8 Speakers

  • Price: $400-$700/pair (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: DJs and Producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: You get a lot for your money here. The flat frequency response and adjustable room controls help ensure the mixdown you hear translates. The adjustable bass EQ make these great for dance music.

Ideal Gifts For Vinyl DJs


Replacement Cartridges

  • Price: ~$99+ (many options on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: DJs with turntables, obviously
  • Why it’s a great gift: A good stylus is said to improve the sound of your record collection since this is the thing translating audio grooves into reproducible sound. Find out what brand/model fit your gift-recipient!



  • Price: 2 for $20 (on Etsy)
  • Ideal for: All vinyl DJs
  • Why it’s a great gift: Cool slipmats just never go out of style. Every vinyl DJ needs them, and a proper update is always welcome. You can find a million different variations if you dig a little.


Serato Xmas 2016 Control Vinyl

  • Price: 2 for $60 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: Serato DJs with holiday spirit
  • Why it’s a great gift: These simply add an extra element of fun to any holiday party.



100 12″ Plastic Record Sleeves

  • Price: $25 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: Anyone with a record collection
  • Why it’s a great gift: Dust and records don’t mix. Scratches and records don’t mix. For only 25 cents a record, you can keep your music safer. This might not be the most exciting gift, but it will definitely get used.

Music Producers


Volca Sample

  • Price: $160 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: traveling producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: This thing is underrated. You can sequence a full song on the go, load in your favorite samples, and save up to 10 different ideas. It’s also the best priced portable sequencer on the market.


Keyboard Covers

  • Price: $29.99 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: Any DJ/producer with Apple computer
  • Why it’s a great gift: You’ll learn the essential shortcuts to your software of choice (Ableton, Traktor, Serato) and protect yourself from your friend who just spilled beer on your laptop.



Novation Circuit 

  • Price: $329.99 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: traveling producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: It’s like a bigger version of the Korg Volca Sample. More features, easier to use, better for people with big fingers, and a great choice for on-the-go song creation. Tip: load in your own samples.


Maschine Mikro

  • Price: $349 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: new producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: Samples, software, and hardware all in one package. It takes some effort to learn, but with a few YouTube tutorials this is really all you need to get started with music production.


Push 2 + Live Intro

  • Price: $799 on sale for $639 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: Ableton Producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: Push is like a physical extension of Ableton that feels like an instrument. It enables some really powerful features such as a keyboard based on music theory, easy drum sequencing, and automapping.


Midi Fighter Twister

  • Price: $219 (in the DJTT Store)
  • Ideal for: Ableton Producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: 16 powerful knobs, and unique features like push-to-rest style encoders. This video shows why it’s so powerful in the studio. Yes, it works great alongside other MIDI controllers.


“Music Theory for Computer Musicians” book

  • Price: $27 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: DJs turned producers
  • Why it’s a great gift: Music theory can be pretty overwhelming. Reading this book with a keyboard next to you will seriously improve your theory and ability to write more memorable songs.


“Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio” book

  • Price: $30 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: Aspiring audio engineers
  • Why it’s a great gift: Mike Senior, writer of “Mix Rescue” for Sound on Sound has written the audio engineer’s bible. This book is jam-packed with detailed notes on everything from the basics to super technical info on reverbs.

Anker 10 port USB Hubhub

  • Price: $50 (on Amazon)
  • Ideal for: producers with lots of gear
  • Why it’s a great gift: Finding the perfect USB hub seems to be an impossible task, but this hub gives you all the ports you need with enough juice to power all your controllers.



“Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers” book

  • Price: $35 (Ableton)
  • Ideal for: producers eager to learn
  • Why it’s a great gift: This is a “book of solutions to common roadblocks in the music production process”.  Wouldn’t some extra ways to avoid these roadblocks be nice?

Need help finding the perfect gear or gift?

Talk with our Live Chat team in the DJTT store to find out why we maintain nearly 100% positive feedback ratings.


  • Who? Matias
  • Years experience: DJing since 2005 and producing since 2008
  • Why he’s helpful: Matias has used nearly every DJ software out there, has helped create tons of DJTT’s best mappings with over 25k downloads, is a DJTT product expert, teacher, and can answer pretty much any gear question you can think of. Think of him as the super helpful guy behind the counter at a record store with lots of great suggestions. He’s an amazing resource.


  • Who? Charlie
  • Years experience: 11 years DJing and Producing
  • Why he’s helpful: Charlie played Ultra Music Festival in 2011 and was FOH engineer and system tech for the festival for 4 years. When anything went wrong, Charlie could fix it. He’s worked with most of the electronic artists that came through Miami and he’s especially knowledgeable about Serato, Ableton Live, and gear/controller questions. Charlie can help find the perfect setup for you as an individual based on your unique goals.

Have more ideas for great DJ or producer gifts? Share in the comments. We’ll add the best!

That’s the end of the list for this year’s holiday gift guide. Haven’t found the perfect gift? Check out what we suggested in previous years:

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