Technics Launches SL-1200GR Turntable At CES, It’s Still $2,000

Panasonic held a quick press event at CES 2017, during which they introduced the Technics SL-1200GR. It’s another direct-drive turntable system, but it’s still designed for audio enthusiasts, not DJs. The price? $2,000 per unit.

Technics SL-1200GR at CES 2017

The concept of introducing a lower-priced version of a high-end model is one that’s familiar to almost every consumer electronics manufacturer. That’s exactly what Panasonic did with this new version of the SL-1200, but instead of putting it in a price range that becomes reasonable for DJs looking to casually add turntables, they built a model that’s still absurdly expensive.

For $2,000 a piece, many DJs will have a hard time not comparing purchasing these decks to buying top-of-the-line CDJs from Pioneer. The SL-1200GR might make sense if you’re a die-hard vinyl DJ who wants a top-of-the-line deck, but it still won’t have any features that you can’t find on similar, cheaper offerings from Stanton, Pioneer DJ, Reloop, and others.

Update (4:30 PM 1/5/15): It looks like Westend DJ, a shop in the UK is reporting that they’ve heard the Technics SL-1200GR will be priced at £1300 each. Assuming the current pound-to-dollar applies here, that’s only $1,613 – a bit more reasonable.   

Tech Specs vs SL-1200G

The SL-1200GR has a lot of the same technical specifications as the higher-end models – it still has the coreless direct-drive motor, motor control technology, high-ridigity platter, high-sensitivty tonearm, etc. Compared to the SL-1200G, this model has

  • slightly lower starting torque (2.2 kg/cm vs 3.3 kg/cm)
  • A solely aluminum die-cast platter (as opposed to a brass and aluminum platter)
  • A slightly lighter platter (2.5 kg vs 3.6 kg)
  • The dimensions of the unit are exactly the same.

See the full tech specs on Technics’ official announcement here

Why Technics is continuing to launch expensive turntables? Read why they’re simply not interested in selling to DJs. 

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