NAMM 2015: Korg Kaoss DJ Controller

Korg has been silent on pure DJ gear since the departure of their mixer series with integrated Kaoss Pads – but now they’re erupting back onto the scene with a surprise announcement at NAMM 2015, a brand new DJ controller with Kaoss FX built right into the mixer section. Watch the introduction video below for the new Kaoss DJ controller and then keep reading for more details:

Integrated Kaoss Pad

This controller can act as a normal DJ mixer, or as a standalone two channel mixer – but what obviously is being touted by Korg is the complete integration of a Kaoss Pad DJ effect unit right into the center of the mixing section. Applied to the channel of your choice (there’s an built in soundcard for connecting to DJ software, it comes with Serato DJ Intro), the FX pad works like a normal Kaoss Pad – with X/Y effects and more. Serato writes about the controller on their blog:

The 120 different FX and oscillators are grouped into the following categories:

Filter (13), Modulation (12), Dynamics (3), LFO (17), Delay (12), Reverb (5), Gain (3), Looper (21), Lead (9), Acoustic (2), Bass (6), Chord (5), Sound Effect (12).

– “FX RELEASE” automatically adds a delay when you take your finger off the touch pad, naturally blending the effect into your sound.

– “HOLD” maintains the effect even after you release your finger.

– “Auto BPM” automatically detects the BPM of the song and synchronises the effect.

– “Scale/Key” settings let you play a synthesiser in the key of your song without any wrong notes.

Touch Responsive and Portable

We’re glad that Korg decided to make this unit all black colored, as despite seemingly being made of plastic, it keeps a fairly elegant profile in the photos we’ve seen. This material choice likely is a big part of the weight, which comes in at a minuscule 1.6 pounds, and measures just 307 mm x 158 mm x 42 mm.

There are even integrated LED VU meters directly on each side of the Kaoss DJ controller, which adds a nice lighting effect without being too in-your-face or gaudy.

Stanton’s older SCS.3D system appears to have inspired the Kaoss DJ design

The touch-sensitive platters do remind us of the old Da Scratch / SCS.3D system from Stanton, and but touch-sensitive technology has come a long way since those units were released, so hopefully the responsiveness will mirror what most people are used to on modern smartphones.

Technical Details

We don’t have too many details yet about the unit, but we do know that it has an integrated USB soundcard, sends full MIDI signals, and can also stand alone as a two channel mixer. It’s powered over USB, and has two RCA inputs, a phono jack mic input, and a RCA output.

The Kaoss DJ is expected to launch by March 2015, and we’re still waiting to hear about official pricing.

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  • Aima Nandos

    Just saying I really like my Stanton SCS.3 system. I just wish it didn’t need 3rd party software to run with other software, I think that was one of the biggest failures of the system. DJ controllers

  • Miozz

    omg is this for users under 18? my hand is bigger than whole controller, and i cant drink anything, and u have to be focused on it every second because its touch sensitive.. big fail from korg.. continue with ur best products kaoss and synths please..

  • charlatanshost

    Just saying I really like my Stanton SCS.3 system. I just wish it didn’t need 3rd party software to run with other software, I think that was one of the biggest failures of the system. But other than that I like it a lot, and hopeful the korg until will do better.

  • Oli Still

    You know what? I’m looking forward to this piece of kit, it’s new, light, looks solid and got lights that make it look like it should be out of Tron. Nice. 🙂

  • zack__1987

    TOY… Big fail

  • Maddox

    I just can’t get over how freakin’ small this thing is! I definitely am going to get one if it integrates well with Traktor!

  • synapticflow

    I would have to say a big fat no to this one. I would just buy a Kaoss pad and a better controller if I wanted touch effects. If the Mini-KP hadn’t sucked, I would already have such a solution.

  • Maddox

    If it ends up being relatively cheap, I would actually get one. It looks like a lot of fun to play with with all of the effects and the touch pads. And it would make for a VERY good controller for any mobile gigs since it weighs a whopping 1.6 lbs!

  • Meoff


  • an3

    Pro or not Pro,u mean the blue lights make it non-pro :p
    I think Korg is really good in making gear that plays very intuitively, and so
    makes it usable 4 pro’s and non pros. the lights (u can always turn them off – i hope -)

    Im actually more curious a bout the intergration + programmability on other platforms (Traktor in my case) and the abiltity to save setups, which for me makes it usable in a pro context (or not): for example: I just bought an akai afx, very nice controller but, it is not possible to program the touchstrip leds and numeric display on traktor> i guess it will take forever before that is possible, since theyre too busy launching too many unfinished products

    • zzzuperfly

      +1 on traktor – then i would love one of these with 4 channels since 2 is boring

  • Per Jakobsen

    tiny ohh

  • Mike Jensen


  • Jefu

    If there’s a ground back there for turntables I’m buying the first one off the line. Maybe not something for all you “pro” DJs but that looks like a lot of fun for us old guys with kids who like to goof around. Also, my kids will freakin love it!

  • JayJak

    This looks more like a toy than it does a serious piece of kit. It will be interesting to see how this compares to the Numark Mixtrack pro.