BPM Tool For The Mac Status Bar

In the DJTT inbox today was a new DJ-oriented tool released on GitHub, BPM. It’s a really simple tool that lives in the status bar for OS X users that allows you to quickly find the BPM of a song just by tapping. It’s a simple Tap BPM tool, but it’s awesome. Read more and download below.

Being able to tell the BPM of a song without a metronome or Tap BPM tool is about as difficult as telling the key of a song without software or a musical instrument to use as a baseline. You can usually get close – but to be accurate every time, you’ll want a tool of some kind.

BPM does exactly that, and nothing more. Download it on GitHub, open up the app, and now you’ve got an icon in your menubar that you can click on in time with the music, and it will figure out the BPM of your clicks. After a few seconds, it resets.

Simple! Easy! These are the types of digital DJ tools that we love to see.

Anyone know of an equivalent tool for Windows users? Let us know in the comments so we can share it for our PC friends! 

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  • Dongyun Shin

    IT is Simple, but a good application.
    Hey, I have suggestion.
    1. When ten taps for measure BPM have been done, save the BPM value copied to the clipboard.
    – It will reduce time to type manually.

  • sk84l1fe

    anyone else having issues with uninstall?

  • Andrea

    Hi guys i don’t know a similar tool for windows but i would suggest everybody to use f.lux (justgetflux dot com ) which is a free tool that can literally save your eyes!! it’s really helpful especially when you’re producing. Hope you like it

  • steve

    nice… simple but effective!