Incoming Gear Alert: NAMM 2013 Preview + Rumors

A week from tomorrow marks the beginning of NAMM 2013 – one of the largest conventions in our industry that’s consistently ripe with new hardware and software for DJs and producers alike. As we’ve done for the last few years, we’ll be on the convention floor getting great videos, photos, and exclusive looks at new gear – so in preparation we’re going to take a closer look at some of the products we know will be there and speculate on some of the announcements that could be waiting in the wings.


We’re bracing ourselves for a convention floor filled with iOS devices inside of, around, and generally incorporated into every type of DJ use possible. Last year we saw Numark’s iDJ Pro with an iPad as its brain and this year we expect the trend to be overwhelming. Just based on some of the coverage of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas last week where we saw the Ion “Scratch 2 Go” kit and a new Griffin iOS DJ soundcard (pictured at right), it’s clear that hardware manufacturers more than ever see money to be made in making accessories to turn smart devices into DJ tools.


Native Instruments has been out of the trade show hustle for a number of years now, preferring to be their own newsmakers (last year’s NAMM show happily coincided with their Traktor 2.5 and Kontrol F1 announcements). If there’s just one NAMM-timed news item from NI this year, we would not be surprised if it was some much-anticipated cross-compatibility between Maschine and Traktor.

To be clear – NI has never promised this, but it seems to be a match made in heaven – especially with the Maschine MKII hardware (pictured at right) having enough colored pads to make any avid Remix Deck user very happy. With tons of users on our forums and in the comments on the DJ Shiftee Z2/MaschineMKII video asking for more interaction between these two products, you’ve got to believe that Native Instruments is listening.


The last few years has seen Serato split their software into three different-but-similar iterations, each with their own features and limitations. While there’s no doubt that Serato will continue to keep their their software exclusively tied to supported hardware, it’s starting to feel like Serato DJ has an aesthetic jump on Serato Scratch Live, in addition to some nicer effects.

Why not combine the software, giving Serato DJ users the ability to easily transition into DVS use (albeit with the right hardware), and giving Scratch Live users the ability to easily use a controller for their decks?



Like many of the larger manufacturers, Behringer makes a double appearance at both the Consumer Electronics Show (last week in Vegas) and NAMM – and guess what product line made an appearance at CES? The budget range CMD series was there, but was only represented by two of the units, the CMD Studio4A and the CMD Micro. While the CMD Studio 4A looks largely unchanged since a year ago, the Micro is now sporting an optional battery bay so that it can be used as a controller for iOS devices – see screencap at right from this CES video.

It’s been confirmed in the DJTT forums that the CMD Series will be back at NAMM 2013 (featuring some of our own users doing demo performances on the equipment) – so we suspect there will be some additional changes to the kit (like the above battery bay) and perhaps finally a launch date.


VaThe DDJ-SX was industry giant Pioneer crafting a highly polished high-end controller, which despite its size, has Serato DJ users trying to get their hands on the limited supply of units that seem to be trickling to retail stores. Considering their previous similar controller line (the DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1), odds are pretty high there was at least some level of discussion about making a DDJ-TX unit in the Pioneer DJ engineering department. As to if it ever got past the drawing board and made it through the many hoops to actually get a product in stores? That’s up in the air.

Additionally, don’t count Native Instruments out either as potentially upgrading their controller line to directly compete with the Serato DJ/DDJ-SX combo. With the Kontrol S4 and S2 rapidly approaching their third birthdays, would it be that much of a surprise to see NI update the line to offer a product that more explicitly incorporates their latest Traktor features into the workflow (Remix Decks, MarcoFX, Flux Mode)?

Read moreour review of the DDJ-SX.


There are always a few developments in the DJ sphere which we just haven’t seen any movement on recently that would be awesome to see at the NAMM Show. While we know that we’ll be seeing Ableton 9 and the Push controller in full effect, here’s the three less-talked about pieces of software that would make our day if they end up launching next week:


No convention is complete without a few products on the floor that are guaranteed to make us all scratch our heads in confusion. NAMM is never an exception to this rule – and while we won’t spend too much time at the convention itself worrying about these, it’s always pretty amusing to see the products that make it this far! Here’s a video of one of my favorites that cropped up at CES, the EZ DJ PRO hardware (skip forward to ~0:48 to bypass the small-talk):

Anything else that should make our NAMM 2013 rumor list? Let us know in the comments below!

Editorial disclaimer: everything in this article is based on public knowledge, gear-lust enthusiasm, general deductions about the DJ industry. 

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  • fetusinabox

    “How much does this baby cost?”
    “how much would you pay for it?”
    “I don’t know… about 350$?”


  • Brian James Whelan

    $50? Should be $5000, this thing is DOPE. Now I can dj like Usher, Psy and other bands like that.

  • Amish Deejay Amish Shah

    Really??? EZ PRO DJ?? Its companies like this that have caused an influx of unskilled, no talent, ego junkies to enter into this game. I have some news for the creators of this contraption, Just because you sat down with some developers and created a software – because you didn’t have the heart, talent, or dedication to actually learn the trade – dosent make you an actual DJ but rather a monkey.

    For those who would like to introduce someone to the DJ industry, why not sit them down and teach them the basics – pitch, tempo, beat counts, keys, etc. Actually show them what a record looks like and what a turntable is, instead of heading to the apple store and showing them laptops and iPads. People need to realize that the true talent is attained by practice and dedication, which will produce true accolades and compliments not fake ego boosting comments.

    This is my opinion – thought I would share.

    • UGH

      Last I checked there is a MOUNTAIN of EGO in this area regardless of what you use. In fact, the more complicated and expensive it is; typically the larger the EGO. So not a fair statement. I do agree it’s a cheap POS and requiring zero talent to use it looks poor on the movement. That said, nobody is going to land your jobs with this thing. It’s going to be set for small house parties among teens, and some of these cheapies even HOOK people who DO have talent buried deep within into investing more seriously into the field. So items like this, although I shake my head, I don’t slam.

      I picked up a 50 dollar ION to make sure this hobby was for me before I made a larger investment, that’s called being smart. When I got hooked, I had sunk 2 grand in 6 months later and sought out my own musical foundation (everything you mention, and then some). Now I mix completely unaided by software on any level (no sync, no waveguides, etc). In fact, for someone who’s never used a turntable, my mixing methods most closely resemble a turntablist and I’m considering moving there next.

      It’s not wise to ‘judge’ people based on how they get started, unless you know the person intimately and how it will progress. I am a living, breathing example that cheap shit like this can be a wise stepping stone to a great education and unleashing a ton of potential you never thought you had. What would you have considered ‘wise’? Blowing 2 grand from the gate to realize it wasn’t for me 2 months down the road and then taking a bath on the resale price? No thanks. 🙂

  • Redskyy

    this just made me laugh to the point i want to smash this thing to pieces

  • Ronald Edwards

    While iOS may be a growing trend in the industry, I honestly don’t care about using an i-device to perform music. I *MIGHT* get iMaschine for my phone, but I don’t expect for this to play a big role in how I do things. The two areas I really care about that are listed above are “Maschine + Traktor Compatibility” and “SERATO INTRO + DJ + SSL MERGE” integrating with Ableton (AKA continuing the Bridge project).

    When I finally got convinced to get a controller, it wasn’t as much that the units were smaller than a CDJ and mixer combo (although that matters) nor was it so much that I could sort by anything and have all of the music I ever owned in one location at the ready (which is huge but I already had that with just the laptop and Traktor), the one thing that sold me on buying a controller was being able to real-time produce… to bring production into the mix and do things I could not do before. When I understood that I could trigger things on one hardware interface with little-to-no problems my eyes lit up and a flood of ideas came into my head. Then I discovered (over the course of one year) that Native Instruments locked down the majority of the Remix Decks to one controller AND Serato decided they weren’t going to follow up with the Bridge for ITCH I felt cheated out of the promise that was made. This made me a little irritated at first and certainly depressed… until the Maschine (Mikro) Mk2 was announced and then my hopes were raised again because it “looked like” NI was finally going to make their famous Drum Machine program control all the areas the F1 did and I could not only control the Remix Decks, but also have all the drum sounds I wanted to do fills and bass lines with, so I got one. Once again, even though things APPEARED to be getting better, and I would have all the control I wanted out of a DAW and DJ program, I was once again let down by Maschine not being able to control the Remix Decks as the F1 did and at about the same time Serato pulled a shell game on the people who had ITCH controllers and told us “Instead of the Bridge, we’re going to give you the S6 Sampler and change everything to Serato DJ (with no plans to incorporate the Bridge).”

    I was really looking forward to full integration between DJ programs and at least one DAW, but 2012 was not the year for that to happen. I have VSTs I’d like to use in real time and I want more than just BPM sync between my DJ program and a DAW, so HOPEFULLY this will be the year both Serato and Native Instruments finally give me more than the toned-down versions of Real-time production solutions they offer… or maybe it’s just time to ditch both of them and move forward with Stagecraft Studio (DJ program for Ableton) which actually gives me more of what I want.

  • thatdaxton

    Anyone remember that modular DJ software called “The One” I wonder if that is going anywhere?

  • steve brown

    Ah yes, NAMM rumors time. But will any of the exciting stuff be there. Products like the Voxoa m70. Or any Tablet computer integrating devices, real ones, with considerations made for the cables and everything?

    here’s what you wont see; 9 cell battery integrated iPad controllers, Button-added crossfaders, or arcade button controllers.
    You will see something close to “getting it right”, but it will already be too late, because another revolution is already happening, and it is going to make your next gen controllers better, and less expensive.

  • Anonymous

    I just watched the sub phatty video and it sure is nice to see how passionate Herb is even about a synthesizer’s sound. You can absolutely tell he isn’t acting. He really feels for the Moog sound and it is incredible for me how a person can be so excited just over a sound. The sound isn’t even yet a part of any real music and he is wild about it. That is so, so cool!


  • truth hurts

    What better way to showcase a crappy product with Gangnam Style and LMFAO and a cheesy correspondant to boot!

  • Ronald Edwards

    Novation just released their Launchkey… I know it’s not specifically DJ gear, but it’s a great tool for production. I hope it’ll be there at NAMM.

  • Alisan Cavdarli

    I think the cartboard box ez dj is coming in is more worth…

  • CloudBreak

    Love you guys, but a bit of proof-reading is necessary… The typos are killing me… =(

  • sammsousa

    maaaaan that last video was hilarious! i LMFAO’d ganman style or however you write it!

  • Chris Alter

    Integration between Maschine and Traktor. Excellent. Too bad for the MKII version. I do not think there is hope for those who own the first version. What a shame.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    Cheers from Italy.

    • 32digits

      bad english? perfect english 😉

  • Carlos Miniño

    BItwig Studio…. I want it….. The Precious…. Golum Golum

  • Anonymous

    Really want an S4 upgrade. Would like to see a DDJ-TX and want to choose between the S4 MKII and the DDJ-TX.


  • stavi

    Anything hinting a potential Z4?

  • whatdaguan

    I couldn’t even stand to watch this .Id rather smell a fart directly out of someones ass .That reporter and bald guy a cattle waiting to be brought to the house . ugh

  • DJArctic

    I wanna see Algoriddim update Djay with some more comprehensive remix features. At LEAST changing the sampler so that we can loop the samples, if not completely remodeling it to make it more like the Ableton drum racks/MPC/Maschine or work with SoundTrends to add Looptastic to the software.

  • Campark43

    Maschine to control remix decks?sick.

    Really hoping for s4 and s2 upgrades, better build quality, metal not plastic, remix integration, Serato dj has better controllers and a selection as well, point Serato. Also Serato has better effects, not try to beat down NI, just give us what we need to stay loyal. NHL protocol for for more controllers.

  • Michael Wagner

    been thinking about a DDJ-TX since the second I first saw the DDJ-SX.

  • iNBiTuiN

    I heard DJ QBert will be at NAMM this year. 😀

  • Georgie

    God that last video was so insulting…whyyy!

  • Elliot Adamson

    That video makes me want to kill myself.

  • PowTron

    Traktor Z4 and/or Digital Decks from NI would have my money in a heartbeat.

  • gary

    I’m hoping Serato merges it’s software lines not only for easy transition between controller and DVS, but also so SSL can get Itch’s improved GUI. I want screen length parallel wavesforms so bad! Actually, if NI offered the same plus color themes I’d jump ship quick. I have an Traktor Audio 6 collecting dust here.

  • Sam Moore

    Come on Maschine Mk 2 remix deck integration! that would be boss, and I can’t imagine it would take much to for them to do it….

  • John

    Can’t wait to be at NAMM. So soon should be a lot of fun. Only get to be there for 3 days though because I have to drive back

  • mxby7e

    Hak5 seems to have really gone downhill

  • Will Grucza

    All I have to say about the EZ DJ PRO-
    1:07- the scratching

  • jprime

    Hope to see some Android advancements tbh. Very excited to hear what serato does too 🙂 Love the NAMM coverage – so droolworthy 😀

  • Chris Gonzales

    I love how as hes scratching the uber awesome ez dj pro it slides uncontrolled across the table, I laughed, i cried… I screamed at my screen as that video played. Seeing that Video on Herb from Moog was freakin awesome, Jem for sure


  • Numbdrum

    Spoke with Numark and they are “hinting” towards a new controller/hardware being presented at NAMM 2013! Well see. Taking my 4trak back to GC today due to instability and bugs both from software and hardware! So I’m anxious to see what drops! Would love to see the PioneerDDJ-TX!

    • DJArctic

      Got two words for you – MPC DJ

  • Stephen Dub Bub Almada

    Would love to see Machine and Traktor merge!! almost like the bridge for ableton.
    ableton + maschine + traktor all synched up *DROOOOOL*

    • pickadilie

      You’d ruin the special day for your wife even if she said it was ok..

      Just enjoy the day without djing, maybe as a special act 5min scratch but not whole wedding

      • Dan

        Err pickadili, how about watching the video before replying comments?

  • ??????


  • ??????

    “I can EQ effect it like all those daft punk song”

    “OHHH dude thats my favourite band”

    Favourite band


    Kill me

    • Spacecamp

      “My favorite DJ is Dubstep! He makes such crazy tracks!!11”

      • Carlos Miniño

        “My favourite genre is tracklist” i swear i heard that and i almost got an aneurism

  • trax511

    “think about those djs who make millions…” mentions none

    • Dan

      He did… Skrillex and Deadmau5… ok

  • Jordan Locke

    I hope that ez dj pro sells 0 units. “you don’t even have to cue it and speed up the track” D:

    Would be cool to see a traktor z4 mixer.

  • Gaugain

    Traktor upgrade and possibility of mapping Remix Sets

  • osmec

    New s4?

    And what about midi fighter classic? From this great site/company/community called DJTT

    • DJ TR?V??

      I really hope no new s4.. Just shelled out 1k on a new one.

      • 32digits

        ME TOO 🙁

  • Davendiva

    iTraktor Pro3 (iPad)

  • Jack Hoesterey

    That woman is actually clueless! She said she would pay 350 for that walmart plastic and paper DJ set. I got an S2 for 400. I honestly do not see the point of that thing, “lets go gig a house party with my cardboard box”…

  • 32digits

    Ni will come with a new s4? Or update software? Because i bought my s4 in november and that would really suck :s

    • PowTron

      You should have expected this…the S4 is great and I love mine, but it is very much in need of a refresh to keep up.

      • 32digits

        dude I wanted a s2, my parents came home with an s4 for my b-day 😛

        • The_Rad

          I hope so, I want an S4 pirce drop.

          • 32digits

            -_- i’m dying here.. paid freaking 869EURO’s ;ss

  • KIO

    I was reading this article on my mobile phone and the videos were making you mobile website go bonkers. Can you check your mobile website?

  • Chris Jennings

    I heard a rumor about some Spectra thing. I want to know if it’s a controller that turns you into an official Justice League DJ?

  • danny

    50 bucks…. ha ha… throw it in the bin..!

  • Stewe

    CMD looks pretty nice!

  • IvnOs

    EZ DJ PRO looks like piece of crap ))

  • LachlanC

    ”Oh dude Daft Punk is my favourite band” Says the girl in the EZ DJ PRO video

    • SQuest

      Daft Punk is actually a band.

      • Bob Kahnkowitsch

        he was poking fun at her using introduction software, saying she doesnt know anything about music

  • runbantayrun

    midi fighter 3D on the ipad? using the accelerometer for the tilt functions?

  • Death of DJs

    EZ DJ PRO… Sponsored by Dr Drum… ???

    • Bob Kahnkowitsch

      I doubt anyone will use it that is relevant or even at clubs, but it might get kids and people into it. I doubt he likes it because you have so many incredible possibilities and because its the best software he has seen

    • antifmradio

      EZ Pro to me is going to go the way of the CASIO SK1 very quickly (if anyone remembers that little tool)

    • DarthSerious


  • Der Jo

    Midifighter spectra?!!!