SubPac, Personal Subwoofer | Kickstarter Highlight

A lot of interesting music technology goes through the Kickstarter circuit – some (like the QuNeo) more successfully than others. But Studiofeed, a Toronto-based company that supports independent musicians through technology development, has a new project that’s just gone live that could be the next big thing in home studio production and DJing.

The SubPac has the unobtrusive design of a backrest with a audio interface attached the the right side, and is designed to transmit bass frequencies through physical contact with the person using it. The unit is designed to emulate club-level bass intensities – with a frequency response of 5Hz to 130Hz.

At first glance, it seems like it could potentially be a cheesy gimmick device, simply because of the physical design and the absurdity of such a thin unit acting as a subwoofer. But some of the artist testers who they’ve gotten testimonials from are bass experts – including praise from Kode 9 and Mala.

Here’s their Kickstarter promotional video – we’ve gone ahead and requested a unit so that we can give you all the full review soon. If Studiofeed has really solved the problem of annoying our neighbors everytime we crank up the bass, it’s a significant development for DJs and producers!

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